Digital clutter – emails

Email clutter stresses me out, and I’ve decided I need to get it in check this year. I’ve tried and tried before but never quite made it, but this year I’ll be ruthless!

I’ll be writing a series of posts regarding digital clutter, and a big focus will be on email clutter.

I’ve come across this great website, about how to clean up and keep your mailbox in check, called Inbox Zero It has inspired me to make a proper try this year, since I have as many as three mailboxes and they are all overflowing.

Here is my first instalment in reducing the amount of mails that come in:

Over the years I have signed up for things, bought stuff using my email address and signed up for newsletters. Unfortunately leaving your email address out there also generate spam (I’m sure we have all been here) in addition to what you signed up for, and before you know it you’re overwhelmed with emails, and not all of them relevant.

Today I have used a little time unsubscribing from a whole lot of stuff in my two personal mailboxes and I believe I should see a reduction of about 90% incoming. In addition I have deleted and cleaned them down to respective 9 and 51 emails. Not bad, if I must say so myself šŸ˜‰

Now all I have to do is start tackling my work one.. And that a whole different story that is left for another day…..

How are you doing on unsubscribing and lightening the load of incoming mails?

4 thoughts on “Digital clutter – emails

    1. Seriously? Oh no… we’re twins… šŸ™‚ how funny.

      I’m planning on several writings on digital clutter going forward.. To clear out digital files, clean up mailbox, archiving etc.

      I will also “add” to the digital stuff as well.. since I’ll also post stuff about scanning document to declutter the physical paper stuff, photos etc.

      What about you? You have this on your agenda as well?


      1. Ha ha ha, declutter twins šŸ™‚
        You are a lot more organized than me with some sort of agenda or plan. I know I have tons more to clean up virtually. I’m out of town so all of my declutter right now is online… Well tomorrow will be something tangible…

        You have some great ideas!


        1. Agenda? Plans? Organised? Oh my, is that what you think, oh no, I’m as disorganised as the next one… But you are right, full of ideas… now I just need to “get there” and put it down on “paper” šŸ˜‰


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