21:11 – A little bit of this, a little bit of that! 

It looks like the consensus was for me to forge ahead with my 21 day declutter challenge, so here we are at day 11 🙂

Thursday I’m kicking off my now yearly barbecue party (this is the second year), so guess where my time is going these days?

Yep! I’m knee deep in making my garden look good, cleaning and clearing it up. I’m also borrowing an extra table, some chairs and an extra grill from a friend, so I’ve picked that up. Today I’ve been trying to make the house look decent, just in case it’s raining and we have to stay inside. And tomorrow agenda is to get all the food shopping out of the way.

So you can see, why, there is not a lot of decluttering going on right at this moment…

Even so.. I had a small break from my party focus earlier today, and spent it pulling some random junk out of a couple of drawers.

Rather than leave the stuff in my guestroom (which is what I would normally do, until I had a bigger pile to write about on my blog) I’m just gonna do a quick write-up and then get the junk out of here…

Can’t have any of my guest trip over these huge (super, super) tiny piles, now.. can I?

So here we are.. three tiny piles… of items going out-the-door! 

Bunch of Christmas wrapping items
Sets of Sheets, ribbons, tags, more tags, wrapping paper,gift bag +++
28 items

Flower decoration pieces
2 packs of beeds, 3 – not sure what they are called, but they fasten decorations to a plate,
12 ribbons of silver tread, gold tread, beeds on a string, more strings of stuff…
17 items

Other random stuff
2 pens, 3 sets of secret soles for high heel shoes, 1 small box, 1 reflex
6 items

Today’s total = 51 itsy bitsy items! 


My grand total before the hiatus, was 655. Today’s number brings it all to 706 for the year!


OK! So it’s not really a lot of stuff, I get that! And it’s not really anything that shows up, decluttered storage wise… I get that too.  But! It is a tiny start on getting back into the declutter mode… and everyone needs to start somewhere! 😉

20 thoughts on “21:11 – A little bit of this, a little bit of that! 

  1. Great collection of items to jettison, Anne. I tend to hang on to stuff like that because, as you note, it’s “hidden” clutter that doesn’t take up much space . . . but WE know it’s there . . . until it isn’t!

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    1. Some of my drawers are looking really good, others… not so much 😉 I still can do better! I’m hoping to hit 1000 and then some before the end of the year…

      It’s just extremely slow going… my head had been playing up lately, so instead of turning my house upside down decluttering… ( which is what I really want to do) I’ve been sitting here with cold stuff on my head, nursing a migraine for days 🤕 oh well… The year ain’t over yet 😜

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        1. That’s not a method I would recommend either, it sucks when things like that happens.

          The only upside… it does put “things” into perspective and clarifies what’s important or not. Tends to make for easier decluttering later of not important stuff…

          The downside, beside ruining a bunch of stuff, and all the work to fix everything, is if you find you’ve lost those few items that was really important to you 😢

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