PC nicknack’s

I have this “box” full of chargers, hard drives, computer cables, network cables, converters and a whole lot of other computer related nicknack’s. You name it, I’ve got it 😉

I just installed a couple of drawers in a Ikea unit – the drawers are going out of production so they put them up on 50% sale! I’ve been thinking about installing some drawers in the unit for the last couple of years, and I realized, that if I was ever going to do this, it was now or never!

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the drawers can not hold as much stuff as the boxes I used before… So a clean up was unavoidable (and desperately needed if you ask me) 😉

I pulled all the data related “junk” out of one of the boxes, and went about decluttering… All the stuff in the pile of mess picture came out of that red box, I can not believe how much it held.

I’m sad to say I did not manage to get rid of, as much as I’d like. I always keep all the belonging part to a item, that I own (if I ever give the item away, I like giving it as a complete set), even if I might not strictly need all the parts belonging to the item.

There is still a lot of computer stuff left in the house. But for now at least, there is a small pile of stuff, that is going out-the-door 🙂


9 thoughts on “PC nicknack’s

    1. That’s why I keep the parts, never boxes (take to much space), but everything else, like manuals and cables. Then if I give them away or sell them, they get everything 🙂


  1. Those red boxes from ikea really holds a ton! We gave away two of those the other week because the kids didn’t have any toys left in them 🙂 my husband got rid of a whole bunch of cords for … whatever they were for, and it was such a relief! But then again, we still have a whole box left, “just in case”, and just the good ones. Ehm 😉


    1. Yeah, I have three, but now that I’ve put in a couple of drawers instead, I’ll get rid of at least one of them, keeping two makes the unit look good with the new drawers in it 🙂


  2. I find it hard to decide what is ‘good’ and what will never again be used! I have a big pile of wires and gadgets that I need to sort out, too. Congrats on getting your job done!
    I keep the boxes………


    1. I agree, it’s not always easy to figure out what to keep and what to “toss”, when it comes to cables and stuff for the gadgets we have in the house. Every time I declutter this particular “pile” (and I have done many) I always manage to shed a little extra, maybe one day I won’t have more than absolutely need to and one or two as extras (just in case) 😉

      Good luck with your sorting. I’m sure you’ll do better than me 🙂


      1. Oh, you mean if I start! 😉

        I do throw out now and then. There’s hope for me. And I do toss some of the boxes after I’m certain the product works well.

        Wow! A system appears!


        1. 🙂 It’s smart to keep the boxes until you know the product works as it should, I do the same, I keep them the first 30 days or so. I know the shops (at least when it’s electric stuff) like to have the box if you have to return it that soon. After about a month, I get rid if the box, I just don’t have the space to keep everything… 😉 that’s the “penalty” of a small space living…


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