There is Spring in my step!

We are having some really pretty days here this Easter, the sun is out, and I can’t help but hang out in my yard 🙂

Walking around this morning I suddenly glimpsed a tiny, tiny bit of red out of the corner of my eye, and it stopped me cold.

Could it be? No really.. could it be my first Ladybug of the year?

I stopped and took a closer look, and there – hidden in the middle of some dead leaves still hanging on my “blood birch” – was the first Ladybug I had seen this year.  I don’t know what it is, but for some reason that first Ladybug in my yard each year, put’s a smile in my heart. It’s almost like that – for that tiny moment – all is well in the world.

Maybe it’s because seeing a Ladybug, brings back a moment in my life, a good memory from when I was about 6 years old. When my best friend at the time and me, ran around in the neighbourhood (in the middle of urban city), picked summer flowers (that we would “sell” to strangers walking by) and “hunted” for ladybugs to count their spots, and see which one of us would find the most “spotted” one 🙂

This years Ladybug inspired me to take some pictures of my tiny garden (with my phone) – and I just thought I wanted to share my joy of Spring 🙂

20140420-105444.jpg 20140420-105500.jpg 2014-04-20 13.07.18 20140420-105512.jpg

29 thoughts on “There is Spring in my step!

  1. Our spring is so late this year. I do love tulips and try to add them to my table center whenever I can. In Ottawa (Canada), we have a tulip festival each year in May. Millions of tulips explode for all to enjoy. As for my own yard, I have been enjoying the birds who have finally returned after such a long winter. The patio door has been open all afternoon and we are enjoying the fresh air for a change.

    Thanks for the follow on my blog.


    1. Yes my door have been open all day as well, and I’ve even braved putting shorts on (though is still really, really cold outside) it’s been nice in the sun. You have to take a picture if the tulip festival, so we get to enjoy it to 😉 so far only the early bloomers have come out here, most of my tulips are still on the “I’ll consider it” stage 😉 I’m sure I won’t be able to resist posting more pictures, whenever the rest comes out…


    1. Yes it is, isn’t it 🙂 we have had beautiful sunny days here the last week. It’s still chilly at night, and the air is sharp, but there is a definite warmth to the sun. I love it 😉


  2. AWESOME! 😀 I have always wanted to visit Norway. I live here in the United States. Anyway, I love planting flowers in the spring. But for some reason I can’t seem to keep them alive. Your garden looks amazing. How do you do it? 😛


    1. If you ever DO decide to take a trip to Norway, let me know. And if you are in my neck of the woods, I’ll show you around 🙂

      Garden and plants? Just share luck I guess, and good mulch, fertiliser, water and a little TLC 😉


      1. I’d totally find out where you live. That would be so much fun. I guess luck is right. I have a friend who hates planting, but she can keep plants alive for a long time. 😀


    1. Did you just change your blog link around, because now I only get link to the “shine on….” site, I can’t find your former “friends unite…” stuff.


        1. Seems like the link on your “gravatar” your cool turtle has been changed, you need to go into settings somewhere. If you don’t figure it out, let me know and I’ll help.. But right now I need to get out of the house to get to work 😉


          1. Okay. Will do I better get to bed. It is 12:30 am. So I guess good night and good morning. Talk to you in the morning/night. God bless you with many blessings and may the wind always be at your back. 😀


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