Data Devices galore!

As you all know – or at least some of you know – I’m working my way through my digital life.

After having deleted 35 360 e-mails in February, I decided to put the e-mail decluttering on hold for the month of March.

At the beginning of the year I wrote a little piece about ALL the data I have 😦 Stored on 8 external hard drive’s, 11 memory sticks, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, computers etc.

Since a lot of the data are backups and backups of backups… I know a lot of the information is the same.

I needed a game plan: So I decided to put most of the data onto one hard drive. I’m thinking that this might make it easier to consolidate and find duplicates.

And this is what I did earlier this month. I consolidated data from all my memory sticks, 6 of my external hard drives + my Dropbox and iCloud photo storage.

This is what I ended up with – one drive with:

Oh boy! That’s 1,001,766 files and 2,20 TB of data – and that isn’t even everything!!!! I think I need to lie down :-/

You might notice I only consolidated 6 out of 8 hard drives.. the reason?

  • One of the extra hard drive which has about 201 774 files and 95 Gb of data – will in it’s entirely be deleted – so no reason to add it to everything else 😉
  • The other one has my 2 computers Factory Resets + Image backup from when I installed windows 10. So these files will stay… this is non generational as I will need them if anything (God forbid) should happen to my computers.

Over the last couple of weeks.. Iv’e been chugging along, deleting a little here and there… and I’m currently at:

That’ s 600 GB and 330 748 files deleted so far 🙂 But as you can see.. I have a long way yet to go, before I’m done (sad face).

At this pace it might be months before I’m done.. but hey! This is my ONE big project this year, to get my digital life somewhat in check 😉

How are you dealing with your digital life?

12 thoughts on “Data Devices galore!

  1. Go Anne! You are making tremendous progress and your techie acumen impresses me.

    I’m on computer #3 ~ hard drive from #1 and #2 are long gone.
    No external memory except 2 flash drives with photos and the most important documents.
    Fewer than 200 e-mails.
    Fewer than 200 “bookmarks.”
    Fewer than 2000 photos.

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    1. OK – I’m having a case of seriously envy right now 🙂

      I wish I was at your level… but realistically I know I won’t ever get THERE!
      I’m at thousands and thousands of e-mails
      Still at my 1611 bookmarks
      And I have about 40 000 photos last time I checked.

      MY problem! I started early having computers at home (last 28 years) not only have IT been a hobby but also work since 1994.. so yeah.. I have collected a bunch of stuff.

      In addition I’ve been known at times to be the one who never leave home without a camera.. so sadly that collection is super large.

      Throw in my music collection – ripped to mp3’s… I’m at 43 192 songs (yeah I just checked)!
      Add a few movies, tv programs, video camera films into the game and we are at another 19 000 files extra…

      so yeah… I’m a lost cause 😉

      Hence my 2, 2 TB of data…

      Now.. I like where you are.. so I’ll be using your level as my inspiration.. and we will see how far I get 😉

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    1. I did! Lol 😂 it’s ridiculous how it adds up… thankfully since a lot are duplicates, some of the files will take care off themselves just by consolidating folders… unfortunately there are still enough stuff left I will need to actually look at 🤔 oh well… I’ll just have to be at it for a while… so yeah! This is NOT the last you heard about it 🤣

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