A pile of mess!

It’s been a few days since my last post, and yes, I have recovered from my friends move in party  😉

While I’ve been busy with friends and move in party, it seem like my guestroom have had a “move in” party of it’s own. At least that’s what you would think, if you had taken a look, because it looks like a bomb went of in there.

As far as I know, no lives were lost during the bomb attack, but who knows what’s lurking in the shadows 😉

So. You are wondering, what on earth happened? Well so do I, kind off..

I have a tendency to use my guestroom as a “storage” area, for when I find things I want to get rid off. You know, that area you use to dump stuff, before it makes it out-the-door! I also tend to use it as room to stash things, that I haven’t sorted through yet.

Add several bags + an exercise ball (used as a chair) I brought with me from work, when I emptied my office a couple of weeks back. With that, what you have, is a recipe for disaster!

This room is no way fit for guests!

And my brother and his wife is coming over from UK tomorrow! Now mind you, they are staying at a hotel (phew),but if they want to stay over, I’d be hard pressed to find room for them in between the piles of crap, eh, sorry, stuff 😉

Hmmm, think it’s time to do something about it? I sure do!

So here it is.. my mess!
2015-09-09 18.45.52

Now… let’s see if I can’t get some of this stuff out-the-door…

17 thoughts on “A pile of mess!

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately not all the stuff you see is going out the door 😦 There are stuff I need to sort through from my office days, as some I need to keep. And that big green ball.. I want to keep.. it’s great to use as a chair (now if I could just find space for it in my “office”, which coincidentally is also my guestroom) as it’s good for my back. But nevertheless, some of this IS going out the-door!


  1. /Hi, Anne! Glad to hear you’re recovered!! Good thing they’re not staying over! But, then again, maybe they could help you tote it all to a give away place?? lol Too bad you don’t have a car! That’s where I stash all my stuff, till it goes bye, bye! Thank goodness for a large trunk!


        1. It’s all fun, even in cold and rainy Norway it’s fun with a convertible 🙂 You can drive it with the top down, much more that people think! Mine is all black, with a black top. It’s a 2007 model, in great shape and all nice and shiny on the outside (I have it treated every year so it stays really nice, and it was treated three weeks ago). Now I just need to give it spit and shine on the inside, to keep up with the shiny outside 😉


  2. Hello Anne, I have been following your posts from Bristol in the UK for about a year now. I am very motivated by them and I think it is because each month you document what is going out the door, and what comes in. The pictures are helpful too. I have had a bad back since July so after a declutter free summer I am facing a pile of stuff to be sorted. Good luck with your September project. I wish it were just the one room I had to do. I find that everything ticks along nicely until you need to revisit how you use a room – like your guest cum clutter room – and then suddenly where there was order there is clutter. I guess i was just holding onto too much.


    1. I certainly understand the “holding onto too much”, as I’m really good at that as well 😉 I’m sorry about your bad back, I know how stuff like that can completely stop you in your tracks! I’ve had a few of those stops this year, as you probably have seen on my “not so much going out-the-door” progress. I’m hoping I’ll manage to step it up during the next few months, so that the overall amount of the year, picks up somewhat. My guest cum clutter room is unfortunately only one of the rooms I have to go through. As I still have stuff hidden away in drawers and cabinets in almost every room 😉 And your comment is encouraging me too keep at it, thank you!


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