21 – Day one!

day 1It’s Monday, and I did say I would start my 21 day declutter challenge today 🙂

Barb (and John?), over at Decluttering The Stuff, is joining me for 14 days of the challenge, and are into day 2 already. They are doing the challenge in reverse, starting with 14 items on day 1.

Me? I might jumble it up a little too. When I get into decluttering, I’m not really all that good at being super structured. It might be a challenge to “only” toss one, two, three things when I’ve already found a pile that I want out of the house. So I might end up tossing 3 things on day 18, and 20 things on day 3… we will see how it goes.

But for today… I’ve got ONE thing for you 😉

I’ve had two printers for as long as I can remember, probably because when I get a new one (for whatever reason), I hang on to the old one until I have used up all the cartridges (printing photos for albums).

I’ve decided enough is enough. I never really print all that many photos for albums anymore, and when I do, I think I can afford to buy new cartridges for my now ONE printer  😉


So out-the-door my old one goes!21 - Day 1 - Printer

Phew, that just cleared a whole shelf…


18 thoughts on “21 – Day one!

  1. as the saying goes, each journey starts with the first step.
    I am just wondering, are you throwing stuff away or sending to places like goodwill? or using one of those resale apps or maybe craigslist?

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    1. Most of the stuff I have gotten rid off is mostly given to either family, friends or other people that needs/wants my stuff. Very RARELY do I throw stuff away, unless it’s broke items or trash.

      A lot of my clothes have gone to the salvation army, that will sell or reuse for rags. Any electronics that are broken are being delivered for recycling.

      For stuff that I can’t manage to give away, or would naturally go to the salvation army, I bring down to my recycle plant that is just down the road. They have a brilliant solution for stuff that is still usable. They have a “used goods house”, where useful stuff can be delivered and people can come and pic for free.

      I rarely sell (even though I have a few items that I will be trying to sell, as they are expensive items) as I would rather just give stuff to people who needs/wants it.

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  2. Hi Anne, I said I’d join you, and I did!! So excited!! I connected with a lady from freecycle, to give her some material. Turns out, she lives 14 trailers away, on my street!! WE had a good laugh about that! And a pile of stuff went out the door with her!!

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