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Pump it, pump it!

A while ago I bought one of those gym balls, you know, one those big ones you use for exercise. A bright green one I’m using as a “chair” at my office. And as with most of these a cheap plastic pump came along.

After having tried forever, and I mean forever (you should have seen me sitting there like an idiot trying to pump that ball up to its full size) I realized something was wrong with the pump. It turns out the darn thing leaked all the air back out, as soon as the pressure in the ball got to big.  So I gave up, brought the ball to the shop and had them pump it up for me 😉

I came across this pump the other day, and suddenly remembered that I had another one of these gym ball pumps hiding in the house. It came along with a similar gym ball I bought a very long time ago. And it was one of the most ridiculous pumps I have ever seen for a gym ball (yes, that’s that yellow thing), and I have no idea why I ever kept it!!

Today those two pumps, can pump their way outa this house…