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Our recycle plant – and a awesome find!

21 DAY declutter challenge logo 70A couple of miles down the road from me, we have a large recycle plant. They will take anything you want/need to get rid off.

One of their best ideas is the “Used goods/Exchange house”.

They have this separate building right before you drive into the recycle plant, where you can bring things like furniture, kitchen items, books, art, sports equipment, music instruments, old sinks… you name it, they will take it, IF it can be useful to other people.

You can not bring trash… if you do, they will direct you to the regular part of the recycle plant, where you can toss your trash for a small fee.

It’s free to leave your stuff at the Exchange house, and it’s free for people to browse all the items they have on display. Should you find something you like! Just stick it in your car.. and drive off.. at no cost to you… all free.

Last week… B and I took a full (as in an overfull) car to the Exchange house, as I figured that some of the items I had been discarding, might be useful to someone else. Last week was my second run, and tomorrow I’m doing it again. That’s three runs just with items from my 21 day declutter challenge 🙂

I love the idea of other people being able to use my old items, the items kinda get a new lease on life 😉

Now.. every time I visit the recycle plant, I always take a peak into the Exchange building, just to see if something useful would pop up, and guess what?

During last week’s trip, I scored big time!!!

I came across a small metal “tub”, which I assume, have most likely been some sort of old drinking trough for horses or something. The tub was pretty grubby looking, but I turned immediately to B and told him “I’m taking this home“.

He looked at me like I was nuts.. and I can’t say I blame him! Here we are, bringing stuff FROM my house to declutter the place… and I want to bring something BACK?

He tried to put up some good arguments, but I was pretty determined. I told him I had the perfect idea for it… HE couldn’t see it.. but it wasn’t really like he had much of a choice.. I was bringing the darn thing home if I had to carry it myself 😉

15 minutes later.. we are at my place, deep knee into cleaning the tub.. scrubbing all the dirt away, getting rid of old attached plasterboard pieces and washing away rust.

And then, I find the perfect spot… and then, I fill it with plants (to check out how it will look, come next spring)… and THEN, he finally gets it 🙂


What do you think? Not a too shabby idea.. right?

I LOVE it!

It’s perfect in my garden.. and in addition to being a different and cool planter box, it’s gonna be great for my yearly barbecue, as a huge icebox, filled with wine, beer and champagne 🙂

I mean, seriously.. what’s not to like 😉


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21.17 – Honey! I shook the house!

day-17We’re at day 17 of my 21 day declutter challenge.

Gilly over at Anything but housework, made a comment on my blog, the other day, about wanting to “Open the front door, tip the house up and shake it like a trash can!” I loved that analogy.

So what did I do?

I went ahead and shook the house 😉
(only just a little, mind you, I didn’t particular need to have any “post tornado” tiding up to do… my house is messy enough as it is)…

And would you know it… out rolled a few more possessions…

17 pieces going out-the-door  🙂


1 Small collapsible table
1 Large case
1 PC speaker set, still in it’s box
1 Chair cover
1 Large narrow mirror
3 lamp shades
1 large plant box for indoor or outdoor
1 old sink
1 Samsonite hardcover suitcase


So I had this pretty little plant, well guess what! It got knocked over yesterday and broke.. and I think it’s only fair to get to count this as an item out-the-door! The plant? It’s nicely snuggled into a twin pot, which is how I get to show you how it used to look 😉

so here we are…
1 small blue broken flowerpot
3 purple candle holders… did you see this Melinda?  🙂
1 plant pot trolley
1 large grey flowerpot
17 items

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