21.22 – The last bits and pieces!

day-22It seems like I’m supposed to be done with my 21 day declutter challenge, as yesterday was my “last” day.

Having said that, there are a couple of items I still would like to count up into my total of items out-the-door for this year.

Earlier this summer, even though I haven’t written about it, I did shed a few items, as a friend and a family member left my house with a couple of extra items in their luggage 😉

In addition to these earlier decluttered items, there are a couple of item that made it out of this house during the 21 day challenge, that I had completely forgotten to add into my former total.

So here we are.. the day after the end of my 21 day declutter challenge, still writing about things that have left or are leaving the house as a result of the challenge.

DAY 22…

37 items out-the-door!

21-day-22-sopihop-bStuff my sister took
Grandmothers jewelry box
1 of grandmothers necklaces
2 of grandfathers shooting prizes (goblets)
10 pieces of clothing

21-day-22-sopihop-cStuff my friend took
1 leather jacket
6 makeup/facial items
4 pairs of jeans
21-day-22-sopihop-dStuff I forgott to count earlier
1 top
1 black jacket
8 software CD/DVD’s
2 printer manuals
37 items

My final count:
– 392 items part of my 21 day challenge
– 417 items out-the-door so far this year 

Told you I wasn’t done yet 😉

OK! But now you are done.. right? 

Uh huh.. sorry.. I just remembered about the pile of discarded medication that is ready to go…  oh.. and the artwork I’ve got in a pile ready for me to take some pictures…  

Guess this means I wasn’t quite as done as I though…  

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– Grace, at The CFO MOM Blog, has gotten rid of 12-13 bag/boxes of stuff!
– Jen, at The Hidden Hoarder, have shed amazingly 671 items so far.

– Gilly over at Anything but housework, got rid of 11 trash bags from her closet!
– Liliia at Bring your baby abroad , decluttered her old room, while visiting her mum.

21.6 – Some of my grandmothers stuff!

day-6We’re at day 6 of my 21 day declutter challenge.

When my dad passed away 3,5 years ago, among his stuff (which I have yet to go through properly) there was a box of my grandmothers things.

I haven’t been real good at sorting her stuff, and it’s on my agenda for later this year. But until I do the proper sorting, there are a couple of things that I figured there were no reason to hang on to, as they don’t hold much sentimental value.

So here we are… 6 small items from my grandmothers stash!


1 birthday book
1 “Whats your favorite actor” memory book
2 wallets
1 address book
1 picture frame (yes I’ve kept the photo)

Not a big stash I know, but hey a few items here, a few items there, racks up a big number at the end 🙂

I’m being joined in this challenge by:
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– Jen, at The Hidden Hoarder, she is on day five and is running away from us all with 155 items so far… I’m super impressed!