My declutter system

Today I wrote a post about my declutter system. And thinking I’ll be really smart, I wanted this post to show on my menu bar, to make it easy to find later (just have a look, it worked). So I created a separate page on my blog (my understanding is that that was the only way to have it show in menu bar), if anyone else knows a different way.. please let me know.

And guess what… did the “darn” thing show up in WordPress reader or on my Facebook page? NOPE…

So what is a poor girl to do? Well this is my solution. I’m making a post, about my post 😉 How do you like them apples?

5 thoughts on “My declutter system

    1. 🙂 Have you by any chance figured out how to make new pages to show up at new “posts” in wordpress reader and so that people will b notified? (without doing what I just did.. and make a post about the post 😉 )


      1. No I haven’t, sorry 😦 I think WordPress views them as static “pages,” and not posts so it doesn’t send out the notification. I think your post works…it’s like, “hey, check out the new page I made up here!” hehe. PS-I like the decluttering system!


        1. Thanks… tomorrow is going to be even more fun.. I’ll be trying to post the “allowance box” (that I promised you a few days ago) – in under the same menu button (think I have to post it as a page to the page…. I’ll figure it out, I hope 😉

          Or is there another way? I see you have several post under each menu button.. how did you manage to do that?


        2. I figured it out 🙂 gotta make a custom category view, and hurray, the template I use will even let me 😉 This is going to come in handy when I start writing some of the post I’m planing within specific topics 😉 thanks for your help


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