A change of course…

I’ve come to realise, that, this… “one thing a day” might not work for me.

“Aha.. giving up already? Isn’t this a little early to throw in the towel?”  Yepp. I can hear you already!

But, you could be wrong 😉

I didn’t say I would stop my decluttering. What I’m saying is that there is this odd chance that I might not have the patience for getting rid of only one item a day. I kind of forgot for a minute, that I’m not really the most patience type 😉 I sort off want to get rid of stuff now, I mean right now… I don’t really want to wait around.

At the same time, I also know that to declutter some stuff, I need to do other stuff first, something which will take time.

To give you one example. One of the declutter tasks I’m planning, is to get rid of most of my papers files. But first I have to scan important papers, to digital form. And that not a job done in a few minutes. And this is not my only digitizing project (I’ll tell you all about them as I move along).  So you see, some declutter items are bigger “projects” on their own.

So what am I saying?  

I’m letting you know I will get rid of at least 365 items as promised, but I might get rid of them in bulks 😉

The key thing is: I will be working on the clutter in my life, through the year. And I will be telling you all about it as I go along.

When I started this, I didn’t have a clear picture about where I wanted to go with this blog, other than posting my daily declutter item.

Now that I’m getting a little into this, I’m coming up with more and more ideas about what I’d like to write about. So stay with me, we are going to have fun with this… 🙂

2 thoughts on “A change of course…

  1. Whatever system works for you, go with it. Just don’t stop! Some friends and I are doing a modified version of The Minimalist Game…we agreed to get rid of 31 items on January 1, 30 items on January 2, 29 items on January 3 and so on until we’re down to 1 last item on January 31. So far it’s working great. You just have to keep the momentum going somehow. Good luck!


    1. Thats funny, I’ve been thinking about exactly that same system as well 😉 exactly the way you guys are doing it. You never know, I might even throw that one into the mix, just to really “complicate” things 😉 you are right, whatever that works.. And don’t worry, I have NO intention of stopping. Good luck to you and your friends, guess you are almost there..


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