I love spring!

I love spring! That time of year when the days are starting to get a little longer, the plants are slowly starting to come alive, and the weather clears up with a few nice days, here and there!

Even though it is still cold outside, there is warmth to the sun, and if you find a secluded corner, it gets nice and toasty 🙂

Sine the weather forecast is “promising” some fine weather the next few days, I thought it time to unpack the garden furniture. I love how putting out all the garden furniture, makes the outside suddenly look like an extra “living room”. It makes the whole place look much friendlier and welcoming 🙂

I’ll be waiting for some warmer weather, before the furniture pillows comes out though 😉 Still, spring is here, furniture unpacked…  woohoo!

I love spring 1

I love spring 2

9 thoughts on “I love spring!

  1. We are finally starting to see a little spring here in Minnesota too! I was thinking of unpacking my deck furniture today too, but there is snow in the forecast this week 😦


    1. Snow, ouch! Last Saturday we had rain, snow and sun all in the same day, so spring is pretty “new” here as well 🙂 that’s why it’s so cool to have a few days of nice spring weather 😉


    1. Yes, that was us last weekend, snow slush, sun and rain all in one day. That’s why the last few days have been such treats 🙂 and it’s suppose to stay nice all week 🙂 even though I just woke up to low hanging fog this morning… I’m sure it will clear up 😉


    1. Thank you 🙂 I remember when I got my outdoor furniture three years ago, the patio area finally “came into its own” and looked right 😉 it’s even better when I get the summer plants in place. I’m sure you’ll see plenty if pictures during summer (I told you I’m really proud of place, right?) 😉


  2. We got dumped on yesterday (snow and freezing rain) and they’re announcing another 10cm of snow on Thursday. My patio furniture is still stashed away in the tool shed…whose roof caved in last week because of the snow load! I’ll be so happy to see spring this year…whenever it arrives!


    1. Ouch, sounds like your in the middle of winter still. At least your furniture is all “covered up”…. 😉 Sorry, that’s my warped humour shining trough 😉 seriously, I’m sorry about the shed, that’s a pain you didn’t need! I hope it clears up soon, and spring arrives at your end of the world as well.


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