London here I come…

It’s my mums birthday on Saturday, and since it’s a round number, it calls for an extra celebration πŸ™‚

Since my brother and his wife live in London, and mum lives in the south of England, we have decided to meet up in London to celebrate mum this year.

And today I get on a plane… with luggage full of stuff πŸ™‚

Luggage full of stuff? Just for a few days in London? Well, most of my luggage consist of things for my brother actually.

After my dad passed away last year, there have been a few things that have ended up in my house, as we have gone through dad’s stuff. And some of these items I’ve been holding for my brother.

Since I’m going to England for the celebration, I thought I might as well bring a couple of the items with me. And since these are literally things out-the-door πŸ˜‰ I’ll be posting a little about the items as I hand them over.

Well, I better get out if here, I have a plane to catch. See you all in London πŸ™‚

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