A pile of “crap”!

I can’t possible be alone, I’m sure every home has one.

A drawer, a basket, a box, where you store things coming out if your pockets, receipts, take away menus, business cards, phone cover, sticky notes with scribblings on about something you want/need to remember, descriptions on how to change the battery in your alarm, pens, sunglass cover, notebooks, rubber-bands, and in my case also memory sticks and 2 small marbles!!! What the…. where the heck did they come from?

I’m sure we all have that “junk drawer”, that one space where crap seems to congregate!

I cleared mine today!

Good riddance, is all I can say 😉



  1. growingsnowballs| Glenda Smith

    Anne – don’t we all have a drawer like that? I remember my Mum having one of these when I grew up so of course this habit has learnt by me. I also have friends who have them as well so you are not alone.
    Living Not Wanting – you just need a Handbag Organiser (refer to my blog for an idea)


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