A Christmas shed!

Would you believe it, even during Christmas I managed to shed a few things 🙂

I had my family over for brunch on what we call second Christmas day, which I believe most of you call Boxing day?

I thought I could use this opportunity to have one of the girls try on a pair of shoes I’m getting rid of, as she is almost the same shoe size as me. Turns out I have no takes on the shoes, but I did, on a couple of the other thing 🙂

While we were upstairs looking at the shoes, the other girls came up, and you know how it is, when there are clothes, and a bunch of girls… 🙂

It’s so funny…my style is pretty much what we could call a kinda conservative/sporty/classic/casual style, I have no idea what that would be in fashion terms. But I’m the jeans, t-shirt, fleece kinda girl, that when I do dress up, I prefer pants and no frills tops and shirts. Dress or a skirt? Not something you see on me very often 🙂

The girls in my family on the other hand… love to dress up! And I have to admit, they really know how to put their outfits together, and they look gorgeous!

So you can see how I wouldn’t really expect that there would be much in my closet for them. But believe it or not! Out went a couple of shirts, a sweater, a cardigan and…

a really pretty vest, which I have no idea why I ever bought! It’s knitted in the back and rabbit skin in the front, I just couldn’t seem to ever make it work on me. My niece on the other hand; tall, skinny, beautiful, could have been a model if she wanted (she decided she wanted a degree more, which I applaud), always nicely put together and picky about what she wears. The vest, it looks great on her… so guess where it now resides.. absolutely not in my closet any more 🙂

In addition to clothing, I have a painting by Pia Myrvold, I had mentioned to my step-sister (as she is looking for art for her new house), that she decided to not only take a look at, but also to buy from me! How cools is that?

So there you have it – Christmas shed of thing out-the-door – 6 items

  • 2 shirts
  • 1 cardigan
  • 1 sweater
  • 1 vest
  • 1 painting

2014-12-28 11.23.14


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