Finally back at work… sort off!

As some of you know, about half a year ago I made a decision to take a two month hiatus from work, for health reasons.

My neurologist and me, had made a 5 month plan, where the focus was on treatments, rest, exercise and a slow reintroduction back at work. I’m not sure if you remember my “wonderful” plan:

5 month plan

From the headline of this post, you can probably gather, that things didn’t quite go according to my original plan. Turns out my two month hiatus turned into 6 month off work!

We can have the best intentions, but sometimes there is no rushing the body, it seems to take it’s own time, regardless of what we want! And that’s pretty much why this has taken much longer than I thought it would do.

So what’s been going on, these 6 months;

I followed my original plan when it came to medication and that seemed to kick-start my body into getting a little better.

Have not gone according to plan, at all! For some reasons the treatment I started, aggravated an inflammation in my hip early July, and I’m still struggling with it (going in for an MRI on the 19th) so it kinda put a dent into my workout plan. I have done walks and stuff, but no gym 😦

I’ve done extensive treatments these last 6 months. As I’ve earlier mentioned, I started going to an osteopath. Turns out I ended up switching between two, since they did different things.. as one have specialized in cranial osteopathy.

To be frank with you, the progress has been excruciating slow, and my original osteopath actually had to throw in the towel. But I have continued to work with the one that does cranial manipulation, and he is still hanging in there 😉 and during the last few weeks, we are finally seeing some good progress.

A couple of months into my hiatus, my neurologist and me decided it was time to try medical Botox. It’s a know treatment for people that suffers with chronic migraines (you can read about it here), and we decided that maybe it would be worth a try for my 24/7 tension headache/migraines. It’s a treatment you take every three months and I was really lucky and got an appointment quick. My first round of medical Botox I got early September, and my second treatment I had just a month ago, in early December.

It seems like that second treatment is actually doing something for me! 🙂  As my osteopath treatments is having much better effect than ever before. My daily basis headache (the one that is present 24/7 – yes that’s, 24 hours a day, every day) has gotten better and better, to the point where this is the best it’s been since August 4th, 2010. And my migraine attacks seems to have reduced some as well the last couple of weeks. Woohoo!!!

So I might finally be on the mend 😉

And therefore, I think it’s time to get back to work (been kind of antsy to get back)!

My neurologist on the other hand, wants us to reap the benefits of me feeling better, a little longer before I get “hot and heavy” at work again, and she didn’t really want me back quite yet. So we compromised 🙂

Tomorrow I will start back at work, but only one half day a week! Yes I know, sound puny, but that was all she would allow me to do. And it gives me a chance to clear my mailbox, say hello to people, catch up a little with what’s going on, and get to know my new department (we were reorganized as of January 1st).

Then in 5 weeks time (February 16th), I will start work two half days a week, and do that until I have seen my neurologist again, end of March.

And hopefully by then I will have had even more progress with my osteopath, and maybe if I’m lucky, even had a day or two without a headache? My world, wouldn’t that be grand 🙂

So you can see, this is slow going. But guess that’s always the way isn’t it, there really is no rushing it. It’s probably taken a long time to get bad, and it needs a long time to get good.

In hindsight I do realise, I should have not pushed my body as much as I did. When I originally started feeling bad early 2010, I should have taken it easy right out of the bat, instead of what I did, which was to continue to work as hard as I could. If I had know then, what I know now… sheesh… I would have taken 6 months of right away… and maybe never have ended up in all the trouble of the last 4,7 years…

So if you are out there, struggling with health problems! Listen to what the body is trying to tell you! Slow down! Take care of yourself! Your health is the most important thing in your life… without it… well we all know how that goes!

And here I am, about to start work again, if ever so slowly! And this time around, I HAVE to be better at paying attention…

nite to self

10 thoughts on “Finally back at work… sort off!

  1. Well, it seems we are in similar situations. I have been off work since the end of November. My doctor told me it would be slow getting back to normal and I am reluctantly starting to believe him. My sister had some wise advice. She told me not to spend my retirement years trying to regain the health I lost while working. So I have slowed down radically, am experimenting with naturopathing treatments while waiting for a new doctor to send me to see a neurologist. The medical process is slow as well. With any luck, I will feel better by the time I finally do get that consultation. In the meantime, my blogging and writing are taking a real back seat to rest and healing.

    Keep up your good spirits and do continue to be kind to yourself.


    1. I’m sooooo sorry! I hope you will feel better soon. But it’s true, I’m into my 5th year of having to work in a reduced position at work due to getting the 24/7 headache stuff on August 4th 2010. So pushing while your ill… bad, BAD idea, trust me.. it’s what I did, and if all goes really sour this might have turned into a chronic state I have to live with the rest of my life! As you understand from that statement, even though I have had this problem for over 4 years, I still refuse to view it as chronic 😉
      If I had been smart and wised up earlier, I might have been all good now and back to work a 100%.

      I agree with your sister, life is to short to let work rule your world, and definitely not let it ruin your future. That’s why I finally wised up and took the time off! I kinda like the way your sister phrased that.. I might steal that 😉

      Yes, medical process can be a slow process.. there have been times during these years, I’ve felt that it’s all up to me, as doctors have run out of advice on what I should try. It’s pretty much been up to me to figure out what treatments I should try next. I hope it doesn’t take to long before you get to see a specialist, so that you can get back up running real soon.

      I wouldn’t worry about the blogging and writing, getting WELL is your job right now. So concentrate on rest and healing, and keep your chin up 🙂

      And be kind to you as well, OK 🙂


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