I’ve got books…

coming out of my ears!

As most of you know, I’ve been on this quest to read myself out of my bookshelves the last year. And my plans are to continue to do so this year. That’s all good and well, until I spent weeks trying to get through one book! OK, so the book had 900 pages, and yes it is the size of 2,5 regular books.. but still… I spent pretty much all of January on this one book… (that’s how it is when you only have 30 minutes here, and 30 minutes there)

How on earth am I going to get rid of 34 books this year if I need a month on each?

Well, thankfully book reading have gone a little smoother this month, and I found a bunch I can’t bother to read again. So I have managed to rack up a number for my first book instalment this year after all 🙂

Here it is, 17 books going out-the-door! 

Hey! That means I’m halfway there already! Woohoo! I didn’t realize how many it was until 3 seconds ago when I counted them up…

That’s really cool, because as soon as spring hits us! We all know I’ll be spending most of my time in the yard, and my books will yet again be collecting dust 😉

2015-02-20 09.49.35

13 thoughts on “I’ve got books…

  1. Go you! Giving away books used to be next to impossible for me . . . “but, but, but, I might one day want to read it again!”

    Then we had a flood in the basement and had to move 100’s of books out to replace the carpet. It struck me that I did not want to cart unread books around for the rest of my life. Now our “library” is more manageable.

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    1. I’m sorry about the flood, I hope it didn’t ruin to much of your stuff! I know what you are talking about, books are hard to get rid off. I’ve been chipping away at them for years and I’m getting down to a more managble amount as well.. I’m still not done though, I have a goal of getting them down to 200 or less, (I think I’m at 250 or so right now)

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      1. The flood was one of the BEST things that could have happened to us. It was the smallest room in the house and it took hours to empty out the books, bookcases, etc., which made me realize “We Have Too Much Stuff.” Very little besides the carpet was damaged but we started purging possessions after that ~ starting with the books.

        The past two years, I’ve donated 10% of our books each year to the island library for its annual sale. We used to have 500 +/- books. We now hover at around 100 (not including photo albums). Yay!

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        1. It’s strange how a blessing can come from a disaster 🙂 I’ve been purging a few books a year the last few years, given them away to friends or family. I used to be at 1500 +/- once, so I have made some progress 😉 I’m not sure when I’ll make it down to your 100 but if I get them all into my homemade bookshelve, I’m happy and that one holds 200 regular pocket books …

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    1. Out if the stack I’m getting rid off in this batch, it’s prob Stven Coonts – fortunes of war. Out of the ones still in my bookshelves… Hmmmm, I’m not sure, there are so many I love for different reasons… I might have to get to you on that 😉

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  2. I used to have a saying when I was in the book business; “There’s no such thing as a book collector with enough bookshelves.” I have to smile when I see you dealing with 34 books. I just sold my last big batch; 17 boxes. They ranged in subject from Buddhist Architecture to Micmac Quillwork. The batch that went previous to that was 24 boxes. They’re almost all gone now. It was a very long, slow, growth process. There’s just something about books.
    It took me years to stop feeling obligated to finish a book. Sometimes it’s worth it, but sometimes, I found, I wasn’t ready for it. It was to hard to comprehend. When I went back to it in later years, it was much easier. This, of course, is mostly in regards to non-fiction. Fiction was easy. If it was a poorly written book, I just donated it immediately. Novels are easy and cheap to replace, and there’s too many good ones to waste time on a bad one.
    Well, make sure to take that 30 minutes to read today, and make sure it’s something you enjoy. That’s what books are for!

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    1. I had to smile at your reference to my 34 books 🙂 I’ve been downsizing for years, and I’m finally down to about 250 books left from my 1500+ collection.. So even 34 is kinda hard these days as some out of my small collection of 250 books I can’t ever imagine parting with… There are like you, books I love, books I can’t bother reading again and books that no longer rocks my boat, or books that suddenly do 🙂

      My ultimate goal (will be a long time before that happens though) is to have all my books as e-books so that I can get rid of the last few physical books I have left… But as I love the feel of a book… It might not ever happen 😉

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  3. Why? WHY?? would you ever get rid of books?? I know, I know. I finally had to do it too. But it’s sad. Books are just so wonderful!! I can’t ever imagine having any kind of e reader, tho. I have to have the physical paper in my hands.
    (More roaming!!) 😉
    I only have 1 full shelf left. I’m still in shock at getting rid of my 4 boxes full 18 months ago.


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