Taking a stab at the bookshelves

I’ve been thinking about taking a stab at my bookshelves…again.

I have done this several times over the years, and the books I have left, have survived several culling’s and it will be more difficult to par down this time around.

My read a book program
What I’ve been doing the last couple of years is; read a book, then decide – good enough to keep? or donate/toss material?

This have help me getting rid of quite a few books, but I haven’t been ruthless enough in the “how good must a book be, to be a keeper” department.

I did a count of all my different books today, and I found I have 346. For some of you this isn’t even a collection (I have friends with more than 5000) and for some of you this is a lot (I also have a friend that I know have 2 and only because they were presents). I’ve had way over 1000 at one time, so being down to 346 isn’t to bad.

But, I have a goal, and that is to fit all my regular sized paperbacks, into a special build bookcase, which unfortunately only takes 200 of them 😦

So this year, there’s going to be a little twist to my read a book program 😉

Books I love
Only books that I love are keepers and deserve a place in my bookshelves. You know, the ones you’ll read over and over again, are part of a special collection, have special sentimental value, is an absolute keep for reference/work/hobby reasons or you just absolutely have to keep for some reason or another.

Books I like
Books I like, but that are not quite in the “I love” category, will go (donate/toss or sell). I will however, write down the title and author of these books on a “could read again maybe” list. And if and when I ever decide, I need or want to read it again, I will get it as a Kindle e-book.

Books that don’t excite me
Will go – either donate/toss or sell.

Overall goal sometime into the future
My overall goal way into the future is to have most of my books as e-books, then I won’t need to use to much space in my small house for books. But as I said, way into the future. I’m not quite ready to part with all my physical books quite yet.

So let’s see how we do in 2014.

And on that note.. here is my first installment on books decluttered 🙂


21 thoughts on “Taking a stab at the bookshelves

  1. Great way to go through your books! I have no idea how you will go though your entire year when you declutter so much in one day! I think I am going to decutter only 1 book today…

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    1. I’m sure I’ll slow down as I go along, a year is a looooooong time 😉 some books I know will be easy to get rid off right away, but some I’ll be reading.. And there is no way I’ll be able to read that many books through a year – unless that was all I filled my day with 😉

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  2. Ah yes, I also built my own paperback friendly bookshelf! And I’m down to 200 books, I’ve been giving away SO many books these last couple of months! Just saving my favorite authors, and just bought a kindle (that I haven’t yet received). I totally get it 😀

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    1. I use kindle on my IPad, hoping to have most of my books online in a few years 🙂 it sure will save some space, but for the time being my goal is to get down a 100 from where I’m now 😉

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