TV Detox – How am I doing? And a new project!

Have I stayed within my allotted 1 hour a day? Hmm, probably not quite. Have I stopped hanging in front of the TV all day, absolutely!

Remember about three weeks ago, I decided I needed to do something about my TV time? And I did! The first couple of weeks I did really well, I more or less stayed within my allotted hour, some days the TV never came on, and sometimes I watched a couple of programs rather than just one. But on average, probably no more than 1 hour a day. Which was my goal!

This last week though, there’s been a slight change, and mostly because I have added another small declutter project to the mix 🙂

As you probably know, I started this year with an intention to read myself out of my bookshelves, and this have so far been a pretty successful endeavour. I though I could take a cue from this, and try a similar thing with my DVD/Blu-Ray collection.

I’ve decided to watch myself out of my movie collection. This means, I will go through my movies one after another, watch it one more time, then decide which one of these categories it falls into:

  • keep – great movie will watch it again – worth being kept as a physical disk
  • copy – good movie will/might watch it again – worth copying it to a PC hard drive
  • toss – good to crap movie probably won’t watch it again (or know I won’t) – get rid of it

Now, I know this will play a little havoc with my TV time. But since I’m doing this with a friend, it will mostly be weekend watching, not a day to day thing 😉

Sounds like a fun project, yes?

Counting them, I probably have around 200 movies, which are movies and not series. Some of them are really old, and some are really crappy – you will probably have a laugh when you see pictures of them – so hopefully it won’t be to hard to cut down a little on my movie collection.

My biggest challenge when it comes to cutting down the amount of DVD/Blu-Rays are my series collection. Not sure how to handle those yet. You see, I have collected a few series over the years, especially sci-fi series, that I kinda would like to keep. Most of them are in CD/DVD albums, so they don’t eat all that much space. Hopefully when I get good a getting rid of movies, I can start chipping away at the series as well. We will have to get back to that…

But we were talking about movies! So far we have watched 4 movies, or rather watched 3 movies, one was so bad we couldn’t stand to watch more than the first 5 minutes 😉

Result? 3 out-the-door and 1 maaaaybe copy (probably not).

2014-11-13 10.20.30

14 thoughts on “TV Detox – How am I doing? And a new project!

  1. Great project for someone who is trying to break the TV Habit. No mindless drifting from channel to channel.

    We’ve winnowed our collection down over the years ~ passing on movies we don’t plan to watch again to our nieces and nephews. We’re down to 35 DVDs ~ a perfect fit for our shelves. Of those, 10 are Holiday, Exercise, or Meditation DVDs.

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    1. I WISH I was down to 35 DVD’s 🙂 I’m sure it will quite some time to get down to anything remotely close to that… I was going for maybe halving my movie collection? Over the next year…

      Now my series collection… I will most likely NEVER get down to 35… Having collected several Star Trek and Stargate series, Babylon 5, Crusade, Alias, Castle, Pretender, Leverage, Person of Interest ++ u see my problem, yes? Especially since I’m kinda partial to the Star Trek series… 😉

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      1. My goal was to get them to fit on one shelf . . . it didn’t happen in one fell sweep. I just kept whittling away at the collection. And I haven’t missed a single movie we gave away.

        Good luck. Happy watching.

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        1. I have some great DVD storage albums ( and my goal is to get all my movies into the albums I already own, rather than how it is today…. me filling up a whole drawer in addition to my albums.. I’m sure I won’t really miss any movies either when I’m done…

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  2. I did the same thing you are doing. I watched, or for some attempted to watch, my movie collection. I was left with a handful I wanted to hold on to but to save on space I took all the movies (and my CD collection) and put them in paper sleeves. Now the two collections fit nicely in a CD box from Ikea. What used to take up a couple shelves on my huge bookcase is now the size of a shoebox. Of course to make finding what I want easier (and because I am slightly OCD) I alphabetized them. 😉

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    1. I’ve done a similar thing to save space. Years ago I got my hands on the best CD/DVD cases ever (kind of expensive but you can almost drive a truck over them they are that solid 😉 ) . The ones I have hold 40 DVDs with sleeve each or 98 CDs with sleeve. And I have several. If you want to have a look you can find them on I haven’t alphabetized them, but sorted them by genre… so I’m a little like u 😉

      My problem now is that my collection is spilling out of my cases and into a big (big) drawer… so my goal is to get back to only using my cases and hopefully using less than the cases I have, since a couple is worn so much that I wouldn’t mind “loosing” them… 😉

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