November tally!

I can’t believe where the month of November went. Seriously if feels like it’s only a few days since I wrote up October tally, and now November is over. I swear the days have wheels attached to them, because I sure can’t catch up.

So how did I do in the month of November (that I’m sure was only 8 days long 😉 ).

NOVEMBER TALLY of things “out-the-door” =  23 items!

  • 1 bead bracelet
  • 14 KLM Delft Blue Miniature houses – shipped to a friend in – A Tiny Village 2
  • 3 DVD’s – part of my Watch a movie program declutter project
  • 1 down duvet – that I am still debating if there is anything I can use it for, rather than “toss” it – any good ideas out there?

In addition, my neighbours mum popped over for a cup of tea, and while she was here it turns out that a couple of the clothing I was planning on getting rid of worked out for her. So she “ran” out of here with:

  • 1 pair of running shoes
  • 2 scarf’s
  • 1 pair of pink super soft socks, that just never fit me 😦

So there it is, 23 items out-the-door for the month of November.

P.S I’m still sitting on this pile of things, waiting for my neighbour to have a look, that I was hoping would count in November.. guess the pile is making it to the December tally instead!

2014-12-07 10.35.49

3 thoughts on “November tally!

    1. It’s scary how fast times go, I can’t believe that 2014 is almost over. Where did the time go? Yes, I’ll be sharing the grand total of the year (off course), probably as a separate yearly post. Even though things have slowed down while I’ve had my hiatus, it still racks up to a decent number, definitely way more that my originally intended target of on average one item a day 🙂


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