November tally!

I can’t believe where the month of November went. Seriously if feels like it’s only a few days since I wrote up October tally, and now November is over. I swear the days have wheels attached to them, because I sure can’t catch up.

So how did I do in the month of November (that I’m sure was only 8 days long 😉 ).

NOVEMBER TALLY of things “out-the-door” =  23 items!

  • 1 bead bracelet
  • 14 KLM Delft Blue Miniature houses – shipped to a friend in – A Tiny Village 2
  • 3 DVD’s – part of my Watch a movie program declutter project
  • 1 down duvet – that I am still debating if there is anything I can use it for, rather than “toss” it – any good ideas out there?

In addition, my neighbours mum popped over for a cup of tea, and while she was here it turns out that a couple of the clothing I was planning on getting rid of worked out for her. So she “ran” out of here with:

  • 1 pair of running shoes
  • 2 scarf’s
  • 1 pair of pink super soft socks, that just never fit me 😦

So there it is, 23 items out-the-door for the month of November.

P.S I’m still sitting on this pile of things, waiting for my neighbour to have a look, that I was hoping would count in November.. guess the pile is making it to the December tally instead!

2014-12-07 10.35.49

A Tiny Village 2

I don’t know if you remember me telling you about I was bringing with me half of my KLM house collection to Houston , to give to a friend of mine, whose mum collect them.

A few days ago, I shipped off the rest of the KLM Houses to my friend, and I just got an email, confirming it arrived.

I decided to keep 8, for now… but you never know.. they might leave the house sometime later 😉

That makes for another 14 tiny houses leaving the house (29 all together). Slowly but surely things are going out-the-door again 🙂


The last 14 – shipped off

2014-11-07 22.09.42

September tally!

It’s that time again! That monthly catch up to let you know how I did with my decluttering task last month 🙂

So how did I do? Well, actually not to bad for a change. Much better than the last few months.

SEPTEMBER TALLY of things “out-the-door” =  103 items!

81 – items on my – Another crazy purge! And a very happy neighbour. – day!

  • 5 notebooks
  • 2 “baskets”
  • 1 furry pillowcase
  • 1 furry blanket
  • 1 wool carpet
  • 1 file organizer
  • 1 Ikea storage box
  • 40 hangers – counted as 1
  • 4 packs of hanging “lamps”
  • 1 empty tea box
  • 1 roll of stretchable wire
  • 1 wineglass box
  • 3 presentation portfolios
  • 2 packs of table decorations
  • 1 sauté pan
  • 2 purple pillowcases
  • 2 large candles
  • 1 glass container for candles or flowers
  • 1 picture from Virgin Islands
  • 6 cloth place mats
  • 6 plastic place mats
  • 4 Texas cloth napkins – counted a 1
  • 1 plastic table runner
  • 1 red cloth pot holder
  • 2 green glasses
  • 1 bag of decorative rocks
  • 1 glass soap dispenser
  • 1 bamboo plate
  • 2 more large candles
  • 4 bags of decorative stones
  • 6 white wine glasses
  • 6 red wine glasses
  • 2 camping chairs
  • 4 flowerpots
  • 2 glass plant watering things
  • 1 outdoor recliner
  • 2 big floor flowerpots

What else? Lets see – there was:

  • 15 KLM Delft Blue Miniature Houses – that I gave to a friend in – A Tiny Village
  • 1 garden storage box – as part of my – Garden give aways! – together with
  • 3 flowerpots
  • 2 trays for the flowerpots
  • and one of my Hydrangeas

Now…  There is just one thing! As you know, I’ve just had a birthday and as part of having a birthday I added some items to my possession. Between the birthday celebration in Stavanger late August which I told you about in – I’ve been partying 😉 and my celebration trip to Houston (where my suitcase also got lost for a few days) written about in – What I gained this trip – a few items have made it in-the-door!

Let’s see… oh my gosh it’s – 33 items in-the-door!!!

Stavanger party – 6 items in-the-door

  • 1 Birdhouse w/seeds
  • 1 decorative glass elephant
  • 2 small decorative candle holders – counted as 1 since it was a set
  • 1 notebook + sticky notes – counted as 1 since it was a set
  • 1 pink IKEA box that the “birdhouse” gift came in
  • 1 garden book
  • Bunch of champagne bottles, but they don’t count as we drank them 😉
  • and a bunch of birthday cards – think I’ll count them together with the ones I got in Houston

Houston trip – 27 items in-the-door

  • 8 T-shirts
  • 1 shirt
  • 2 bras
  • 3 undies
  • 2 sleep shorts
  • 2 pair of jeans
  • 5 books
  • 2 notebooks
  • 1 ring
  • and a bunch of birthday cards

So… I got a question for you!

When items comes in-the-door, should these be offset against items out-the-door? (I kinda think so)

Or do should I get to keep my out-the-door items “intact” for my final count for the year? What do you think?


2014-10-04 11.18.05

2014-10-04 04.08.59

A Tiny Village

Since 1952 KLM have been handing out Delft Blue Miniature Houses that are replicas of some of the Old Dutch Houses situated along the canals in Amsterdam and other age-old towns in Holland. These are normally given to people that travel in business class.

I’ve been traveling a bit over the years and between me and friends traveling on KLM, I have acquired quite a collection of these houses.

In the name of decluttering, I have decided to downsize this collection a little, I don’t really need them all, and they take up space. So I’m keeping 9 (for now) and giving away the rest.

I have a friend of mine in Houston, and his mother is a big collector of the KLM houses. So guess where my left over houses are going?

YEPP, you’ve guessed it 😉 I’ve packed about half of the give always in my suitcase coming over to Houston, and I’m handing them over today!

So today! 15 Tiny houses goes out-the-door (or out-of-suitcase as it is) 🙂