What I gained this trip!

As you all know, I’ve been on this mission to declutter and get rid of stuff!

Going to Houston I had plans to buy 2 t- shirts and 1 pair of jeans as replacement for worn out stuff. That was, until my luggage went missing!

Yes you heard right! Upon landing in Houston, my luggage was still sitting in Stavanger. It had never made it on the plane… ???

“Well” I thought “that’s OK, it will make it here tomorrow… No sweat”

Turns out tomorrow came and went, and so did the next day, and the next, and during my “hunt” for information, nobody and I mean nobody seemed to have any idea where in the world my luggage was!

Fortunately the friend I was staying with, is of the generous type, but after three days of walking around in oversized men’s clothing, I caved and went shopping.

2 t-shirts, 2 bras, 3 undies, 1 sleep shorts and a couple of jeans later, I get the phone call I had been waiting for “We have your luggage ma’am, it will be delivered today”!

“Well that don’t sound too bad”, you’re thinking, “you were going to buy some of that anyway”. You’re right, I was… but what I promptly forgot in the middle of all this, is that I went to Houston to celebrate my birthday. And just because my intentions were no birthday gifts…. 😉

So here I am, returning from my “wasn’t going to buy anything trip” with an extra set of items in my luggage:

  • 8 T-shirts
  • 1 shirt
  • 2 bras
  • 3 undies
  • 2 sleep shorts
  • 2 pair of jeans
  • 5 books
  • 2 notebooks
  • 1 ring
  • and a bunch of birthday cards

That’s 27 new items in-the-door!

This was not quite according to plan!

I must say though, I kinda really did need a few replacement pieces of clothing… 😉 and I am very appreciative of my wonderful friends gifts, which have given me some new favourite pieces 🙂

Hmm, guess this means, I will have to start a hunt for items to shed, to make up for what just came into my house…


How do you guys handle unexpected gifts coming into your house?


15 thoughts on “What I gained this trip!

  1. Sounds like an acquisitive trip!

    We encourage friends and family to only gift us with consumables ~> decadent pound cake, wild berry jams, etc. If we receive a gift we don’t want, need, or love . . . we give it away.


    1. Yes, my Family in Norway have grotten really good at the consumables. Friends in US… I wasn’t really expecting anything… Books I got, is books I will read 🙂 the gift certificates I figured I should use up – I only had a few days in Houston, so it’s not like I could have waited until I needed stuff to use my gift certificates 😉 some of the clothing I’ll save for when I wear out older stuff, some I’ll use as replacements right away 😉


      1. I consider books to be a form of consumables. Any I don’t plan to read again, I pass along to someone else or donate to the library.

        As for replacing clothes due to lost luggage . . . I would definitely have gone shopping.


        1. Books… Agree… Remember me! I’m the one trying to read myself out of my bookshelves 😉 so far this year about 70 of them out-the-door.. I think I can handle 5 coming in… at least until they are read….. 😉 lost luggage, fortunately I got my luggage back, but only after I had gone shopping 😦 oh well..


  2. Well the clothing you really had no choice….couldn’t walk around naked! Well. I guess you could…. Would’ve made for an interesting trip at any rate.. 🙂 What did your friend’s mom think of the collectible houses? I bet she was thrilled to get so many at once. I hope they made the trip intact.


    1. Naked… that would be a scary sight, probably would have given my friends nightmares for life 😉

      The small village made it intact, don’t think my friend have given them to her yet, think he will bring them when he goes home over thanksgiving… I’m sure she’ll be happy though 🙂


      1. Oh, I assumed she was in the same city. Well good, that will make a nice treat for her. I love getting a stash of things I collect! Yeah, being chased through the streets of Houston by TX police naked and screaming, “But you don’t understand! I lost my luggage!” doesn’t sound like too good of a time. Although you never know. I guess it depends on how many margaritas you ended up having. LOL

        I’m glad you had a good time! My daughter wants to visit Austin, TX. I’m hoping to get her there one day soon.


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