Garden give aways!

Before I left for Houston, a few of my outdoor items was moved over to my step-mums allotment. She needed a garden storage box and I had one to many 😉

At the same time I figured I could clear out some more stuff, and she ended up with 3 flowerpots, 2 trays for the flowerpots and one of my Hydrangeas, in addition to the garden storage box.

At the time I totally forgot to take the pictures for my blog 😦

Today though, I went over to her allotment to pick some apples from one of her apple trees 🙂 and I figured it was as good a time as any, to show you the things that made it out-the-door (or out-of-garden as it was) before I left for my Houston trip.

I guess.. better late than never.. right? 😉


3 thoughts on “Garden give aways!

    1. Haven’t forgotten about this 🙂 Actually I’ve decided to write up a small piece about the Norwegian allotment system as a result from your comment. Most likely I’ll be writing a bit about my step-mums allotment going forward, so I figured I might as well explain how it’s done over here 🙂 Right now, the piece is a work in progress, but it will come. Thank for giving me a post idea 🙂


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