June tally

We are all in agreement that the month of June have been a bismal month for decluttering. But even though I haven’t written about them, there are a few things that have gone out-the-door anyhow!

So let’s see what this month have amounted to on the declutter scale:

JUNE TALLY of things “out-the-door” = Β 22 items

  • 2 hanging baskets – given to my step-mum for her new cabin, including the
  • 2 linings for the hanging baskets and the
  • 2 hooks for the hanging baskets
  • 1 big bag of shredded papers – I normally do a yearly shred after I’m done with the taxes (late shred this year)
  • A bunch of kitchen drawers utensils no longer (or ever) in use – counted as 1
  • 1 red empty leather notebook – also for my step-mum
  • 1 toilet bag after dad
  • Some outdated medication – counted as 1
  • 1 indoor water fountain feature set
  • 9 books – I’m still chugging away at my read a book program
  • and another book that I read and gave to mum while I was in London in May – that I forgot to tell you about, but I’m counting it anyway πŸ˜‰

Hey, this wasn’t quite as bad after all… for a non declutter month… πŸ™‚

2014-07-03 08.14.02

11 thoughts on “June tally

  1. Very inspiring. This past weekend I bartered with a guy, he took most everything out of my garage that I was planning on donating or trashing and in return he paid me a small amount and agreed to do all my yard work for the rest of the season and build my new chicken coop. I realize I could have sold most of those items on my own for more money but the liberating feeling of seeing a nearly empty garage was well worth the loss of money.


    1. That’s not a bad barter, just the work in itself is worth a bit of “money”. Empty garage, yard work AND a chicken coop… I think you came out ahead! πŸ™‚


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