July tally

I have to admit, July was an appalling month when it comes to decluttering, which you probably have noticed, since I haven’t written about a single thing I shed.

So what have I been doing with myself in the month of July? Well as I wrote in the beginning of July, I was taking an hiatus to focus on my health.

So July month have been filled with trips to the osteopath, loads of rest, beautiful days in the garden and not to forget…

Loads and loads of time occupied with Molly, my furry friend 🙂 With her around I seemed to get “nothing” done. When I sat down to read, she wanted to play. When I worked outside in the yard, she hated being on a leash so I made “borders” so she could go loose, but I still needed to keep an eye on her whereabouts, just in case… When I ate, she wanted food. When I watched TV or had friends over, she wanted to “play” or go out for a walk, or was hungry or something.

So you can see why I got nothing done… right? 😉

Even so, when I think about it, there are actually a few things that have gone out-the-door in July…  Not only have I not written about them, but mostly I have even forgotten to take pictures of them 😦

But let’s see if I can’t manage a small recap anyhow!

JULY TALLY of things “out-the-door” =   22 items

  • 2 reasonable sized Boxwood plants in planters – 1 given to a neighbour, 1 given to my step-mum for her new cabin
  • 8 plastic planters/pots – given to my neighbour
  • 6 books – I’ve actually read 12 as part of my read a book program – but, I’m getting into some of my favourites and they are harder to part with… maybe next month 😉
  • 1 roll of plastic flex pipe
  • a bunch of small plastic plant pots – counted as 1 (no photo)
  • 2 terracotta pots (no photo)
  • bunch of plastic pipes leftover from earlier garden constructions – counted as 1 (no photo)
  • bunch of wood bits and pieces leftover from earlier garden constructions – counted as 1 (no photo)

Let’s see… I think that was it.. I can’t believe I ended up with the same amount of items as in June! And NO it’s not a copy/paste error – it just turned out that way!

Hmm.. if I could part with one extra book, I could beat June tally… Nope, I don’t think so.. not quite yet, gotta think about it first 😉

So her we are – 22 items – just like June!

2014-08-03 11.01.52

8 thoughts on “July tally

  1. Well done . . . especially for a month off with Molly.

    We got rid of a sleeper sofa this month ~ given to my niece for her apartment. If I count the pillows, the mattress, and the frame separately => 10 items! Tricky, eh? 😎

    We also gave my sister a wooden desk organizer made by dad, and a meditation CD. Two trips to Goodwill with various and sundry rounded out the month for us.


    1. Oh my, that’s quite a load, that sure shows in the space a whole lot more than my small pile! I’m impressed. Your doing way better than me with your decluttering, I’ll let that be my inspiration for a declutter August 😉


      1. We’ve been “decluttering” since 1997 ~> 17 years and we’re still finding STUFF to part with. This week, we’re cleaning out closets and also plan to donate an office chair we inherited with the villa.

        We keep a box in the closet to collect small stuff and make drop offs to Goodwill whenever it’s full. Some day, I hope to be able to say . . . “that’s it! we’re done. we are de-cluttered!”


        1. Yes I’ve also been on the “decluttering” wagon for quite some time, but not quite as “determined” as I am this year. I’ve been giving away stuff for a years, but I’m hoping this year will bring me to “the next level”. Not so I can say “I’m done” but hopefully closer to “I’m almost there” 😉


      2. Our determination was high when moving from 4000 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft. After that move, our efforts dropped off until the next move (from 2000 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft., where we are now).

        Some stuff we kept so we could give it to nieces and nephews as they set up shop. And they are finally getting to that age. Yay.

        Good luck with your efforts. And put your health FIRST.


        1. That’s quite some steps, in downsizing. I’m living at 800 something sq.ft and was doing pretty good until I moved into an completely empty (yes only one suitcase with cloths) 1600 something sq.ft in Houston in 2007.

          Two years later I came back to my already fully furnished 800 something in Norway and brought with me half a truck with stuff from US.

          I have no idea how I found space for it all, but I’m sure you can see why I’m still fully into decluttering 😉

          I am almost down to approx the amount of stuff I had before I moved to US, but this year I want to get past that level, so I have less than I “ever had” – that’s the goal…

          Thanks for your well wishes, as you probably have understood from my lack of postings lately, I am being good and are actually putting my health first this time around! But thank you for the reminder, I can always need a little nudge now and then 😉


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