My Christmas wrapping station

It’s Saturday and i can’t believe how this day just ran away from me. Between the normal Saturday stuff, I’ve had people visiting me all day.

Not much time left over for my decluttering project, but even so, I did find a few minutes to declutter my Christmas wrapping stash.

Christmas is over, and I’ve found that there are wrapping items I’m sure I’ll never ever use…(haven’t used the last few years) so out it goes. No reason to keep all wrapping paper, ribbons, cards etc. There is such a thing as to much.

My pile isn’t to big (i clean up every now and then), but in the name of being “ruthless” I decluttered stuff that had passed the test before 😉

This is what I’m left with; a box of ribbons and tags, some silk paper, bobble wrap, two rolls of paper and 6 Christmas cards for next year.

Have you had a critical look at your wrapping station lately?

My decluttered items

What I’m left with

5 thoughts on “My Christmas wrapping station

    1. LOL, I hear you! But you see, we don’t do many Christmas gifts anymore, we stopped this years ago for us “grown ups” . The not buying gifts for everyone that has to much already I’m OK with, the grown up part? When did that happen? So there is no reason to keep tooooo much in the wrapping station.. I know.. that sounds weird.. but for me it makes sense, lol

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