Double 7 – Friday!

We are at day 5 of my 7 day thing!

My head is playing up like nobody’s business, so today’s post is short!

For as long as I have had my blog, I’ve been working on downsizing my book collection.

Back in 2014, I started reading myself through my bookshelves, and called it my “Read a book program“.

The idea; read one of my books, grade it, and depending on the grade, either keep it or get rid of it.

I didn’t do too good with this task during 2016, and started it up again this year.  My 2017 goal? 100 books.

So far I’m not doing good on my goal at all, as I’ve culled only a few, and I doubt I’ll make my 100… But even so – a little here, a little there is still helping!

Here is another batch making it out-the-door!

8 books out-the-door!

7 Day tally = 368

Grand total for 2017 = 1385

See ya tomorrow!


PS.  I just found a blog post in my drafts folder from June this year, that I never posted. It was all about books!

I remember it well! It was all written up and the only thing I needed to add, was the photo (which I needed to take first). Somewhere in the mess of things, the books got delivered to the recycle exchange place, and I forgot completely all about the blog post.

Even though I have no proof  (read photo) –  I’m just going to add those books to my tally. So here it is:  14 books out-the-door during June. 

New Grand total for 2017 = 1399

6 thoughts on “Double 7 – Friday!

    1. You have done exceptional well on culling your books – I’m still working away at it, as you know.
      Off course I had to do a quick count, and as off today I have around 235 books hanging around the house 😉 I’m whittling it down, and hey.. if I’m really good.. I might (might, mind you) get a little closer to your level…?

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        1. lol – I made you check 😉 It’s kinda fun counting up the books sometimes and finding out how much you have shed from the collection. Now, having said that… I have gotten my hands on a lot (a lot) of free books this year, so even though I have reduced quite a bit, I’ve added a few back to to the pile ;-/

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          1. You did make me curious enough to check! I’m sure that when I started decluttering, I had approaching 1,000 books . . . so I’ve made great “gains” (or should that be “losses”?) in getting them down to a manageable level. 😀

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