Double 7 – Thursday!

We are at day 4 of my 7 day thing,

I haven’t ever heard about a home that doesn’t have a junk drawer or two, and this house is no exception 😉  I have more than one…

Today’s task; declutter my living room catch all.

Here it is in all it’s glory – yeah, I know, not pretty!


Well.. I might as well get on with it – hang in there, folks – I’m going in!

(a hours or so later..)

All done. Oh, that’s looking a little better now, isn’t it?



2 picture frames
1 diploma from Microsoft
1 calculator
1 remote control
1 notebook
1 lanyard
1 US simcard
1 Micro memory card
6 pens
1 pink marker
2 cd covers
5 umbraco’s
Bunch of paper to toss – count as 2
Bunch of paper to shred – count as 2
1 empty box
7 unused Valentines cards
8 envelopes
15 Ziploc’s and small plastic bags in assorted sizes
2 packs of memo cards for old diarys
10 plastic items
2 journal covers
1 reusable net
1 box of cool looking paper clips – which are horrible to use
(goes to show, just because they are cool don’t mean they are practical)
2 boxes of push pins – leftover from my office days
Bits and pieces – count as 2


78 items out-the-door!

7 Day tally = 360

Hey! Didn’t I just pass my goal? Nice!
Still have 3 days to go. I wonder what number I’ll end up with 😉

Grand total for 2017 = 1377

Until tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Double 7 – Thursday!

  1. Everything looks better when it’s contained in boxes, eh? Well done! We don’t have any junk drawers in our house at the moment… Because we don’t have any drawers that are in a usable state… We just have boxes and boxes of junk that would be in a junk drawer if we had one… I just keep putting off going through them… Ha Ha!

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  2. 78 items from one drawer?! That’s amazing! I told my husband that we were going to do this next week, and how we should be able to get rid of something like 400 items. His response: “Do we even HAVE 400 things?” He is in for a surprise… and I hadn’t even thought about the kitchen drawers!

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    1. I know.. right? I had no idea that much stuff was lurking in the dark corners of that drawer… go figure!
      I’m sure you’ll find an item or 10… it’s incredible how many items there are in ONE household, when we start to count all the little bits and pieces. I should be able to find another 400, I just have to “man” up first, cause sometimes it’s just sooooo hard to part with the stuff 😉


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