Another tree saved…?

A few months back I wrote an article Saving a tree or two… about how my February plastic challenge had inspired me to pay more attention to the trash we produce.

In the article, I told you how I convinced B to put a “No junk” sticker on his mailbox, to reduce the amount of paper trash we produced. Since I was the one that paid attention to the good deals to be had from the grocery stores, we figured he no longer needed the advertisements.

Now, you would be happy to know, that since that day, B is no longer the only one with the “No junk” sticker on his mailbox, I’m in as well 🙂

B told me how great it was not having to shuffle the junk straight from his mailbox to the trash (as he never really read any of them) anymore. And after having looked, I found that about 90% of the stuff could be found online anyways, so there really wasn’t much reasons to keep the paper…

About 2 months ago I put my own sticker on the mailbox, and it’s a blessing! There is hardly any junk mail anymore, and funnily enough it keeps my house a little “neater” (I never realized how much of the paper stuff I would actually keep, hanging around, for a few days).

Now the “downside” is, that since I’m trying to limit my online time, I’m not paying as much attention, to good grocery deals, as I normally would. On the other hand, the upside is that I don’t waist any time looking through electronic, furniture, sportsstuff, tiles, lamps, paint stuff, garden stuff ++ (you get the drift) anymore either, and I’ll take that 🙂

So here we are two households, less off paper, and loving it!

Now, if I could just figure out a way to reduce paper receipts from when we go shopping (I collect them to keep track of my finances), then I might really be saving a tree 😉

Guess, that’s next on my list! Suggestions, anyone?


PS. For opting-out in US, UK and Norway, try these resources; US – FTC site, UK – Royal mail opt-out and Norway Posten opt-out

12 thoughts on “Another tree saved…?

    1. I’m the same, I don’t buy much, but between the grocery shopping, medical treatments, filling gas on the car, buying stuff to fix other peoples place, eating out and a couple of other things.. I still seem to generate a few paper receipts through a month 😦 But you are right.. it’s not a lot of them and compared to regular paper junk mail, my receipts through a month would probably only amount to page or two of regular junk mail paper.. so guess I shouldn’t feel to bad 😉


  1. More online shopping would do these trick, wouldn’t it? Otherwise, at least here in your neighbour country, not taking the receipt doesn’t really save a tree as they have to by law print them out and offer them anyway so if we don’t take them, they go to the bin at the shop but they exist…


    1. I don’t like shopping too much online (unless it’s e-books, software or travel related) I like to see and touch/try before I buy. And anyway, since I’m only supposed to buy necessities (with a few allowances) there isn’t much to shop 😉

      We have similar rule in Norway, but they have moved over from automatically printing it and give it to you to ASK if you want one, and if not.. it won’t get printed (which I like in a paper saving way) I always say yes, as I write it all into a small book I have at home to keep track.. mostly so that I can see from month to month and year to year how I’m doing with physical spending (automatic bills and stuff is not written down, just the stuff I actually go out and buy.. yeah I know it’s kinda weird)..


    1. No, they are really good about that over here, as it’s mostly the postal service that also deliver the “junk mail”. Since I put the sticker on, the only thing I’ve gotten in my mailbox is my regular addressed letters and one or two items related to our county election. It’s been great 🙂

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