Darn that car…

It’s November, and the days seems to just run away from me (what else is new, right?)  🙂

I had this idea that November would be the month I would get into a posting schedule again.

Well,  that was until my right hand (index and middle finger) had a very close encounter with my car door. So much so that the door completely closed shut on my index finger..  NOT a very pleasant experience.. ouch 😦

I was parking over at the shopping mall when a gust of wind got hold of the door before my hand was completely clear. It took a second where I looked at my finger in shock, before I managed to unlock the door.

I grabbed my hurting hand and ran into the mall, rushed over to the one place I knew they just had to have ice… the sushi place. It was quite funny, I’m sure, watching this “old” lady running like a toonaloon through the mall (ok.. really just a couple shops into the mall) “yelling” at the staff

“I need ice”…

They were the sweetest guys on earth, finding loads of ice for me to cool down my fingers in hope that the swelling wouldn’t be to sever. They were all concerned about me having to have it checked out.

“It could be broken you know”

“Pffft, I’m sure it will be alright”.

Well guess what, after a somewhat sleepless night…

“Hey, doctor..!!”

You’d be happy to know, the doctor think I’ll live..

Me on the other hand….  It hurts like heck, and I’m sure my arm is going to fall off from the shock of it…

So guess what… until my fingers are in good enough shape that I can actually touch the darn things without feeling like my hand is exploding, I won’t be shaking anyones hand, or go a round with a prize winning boxing champion or for that sake, type 😉


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