11 thoughts on “HAPPY 2016!

  1. Hey, didn’t you jump the gun with this? It’s still 2015 in Norway, I think. LOL
    Anyway, godt nytt år back at ya, MS!
    I have resolved to move numerous useless things out of my life during 2016, including at least 20 pounds of body weight.

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    1. Lol, yes it is, but tonight is New Years eve, and I have a party to go to 😉 And I have people from all sorts of countries reading my blog? So my friends in New Zealand and Australia should already be “waaay” into the new year 😉

      Godt nytt år to you too, I wish you a wonderful year in 2016!

      And for your goals, I’m afraid I might have to join you on parts of that as I could stand to lose a pound or ten, and continue my decluttering efforts 😉

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