Copenhagen – weekend trip!

It’s been a month, I can’t believe how fast time goes, and I’ve been out of touch. I’m sorry!

It’s been a full, almost hectic month. It all started with a long weekend to Copenhagen, quickly followed by an impromptu trip to England, then some busy days back in Norway preparing my yearly barbeque party, which by the way was awesome 😉 Then Thursday last week was midsummer night with bonfires and here we are, back to catching up on my blog 🙂

I’m sure you were expecting the next installment in my “Touring my neighbourhood” series, and there will be more of that. But first, in the spirit of catching up, I thought maybe you would like to join me in Copenhagen, as we had a wonderful trip 🙂

Me and a couple of friends (B and K) took of for Copenhagen early morning, Friday June 3rd, for a bit of a weekend R@R. We were hoping for a few nice days (Friday to Monday), but we never expected it to be as great as it was. We are talking sun, sun, sun… and did I mention sun? Yes, and warm.. like shorts, t-shirts warm… could easily have lived in a bikini if we had brought any with us… warm. Yes, it was that kind of weekend 🙂

We stuffed quite a bit of things into our trip, and I will tell you all about it.  I could just write it all short, and add a few pictures into this post, but I figured, why not let you guys join in on our fun, so here it is a play by play on what we were up to. Guess I just created another mini series, Copenhagen this time 🙂

We came into Copenhagen around 11:00 am that Friday, ready to start our day. First thing we did was get to the place we were staying so we could drop off the luggage, and change into shorts, singlets/t-shirts and sandals. And then we hit the streets!

23000 steps (my friend K, keep tracks of her daily steps, so it turned into a bit of sports checking everyday how many steps we took) later we came home late at night, all exhausted having walked “all over” Copenhagen.

Where did we go?


Since we were two girls and only one guy, you know we had to do a little shopping, right? 😉 And we figured, “why not get the shopping out of the way, right away” and onwards to Strøget, Copenhagens pedestrian street, we went. Strøget is one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets, which makes it fun to walk around, as there are no cars getting in the way, and it has a wealth of shops.

Not only is there loads of shops, ranging from cheap chains to the most expensive chains, but if you look around while you are walking the streets, you will see quite a few of Copenhagens sights and attractions, like churches, fountains, the City hall square with the City hall towers, the Kings Nytorv square with The Royal Danish Theatre and more.


When we were done with the shopping, it was time to sit down and enjoy a drink and some food. Copenhagen is rich in places to eat and drink, but one of the most popular places to hang out is in Nyhavn which you will find in one end of Strøget.

Nyhavn is a small area along one of the canals (that there are bundles of), with a string of colourful houses and restaurants. It’s a perfect place for a drink or a meal. During the summer months and especially on warm sunny days, the place is packed with people and street musicians. It’s quite common to see people hanging around with a beer in their hand, either in the restaurants or sitting at the quayside dangling their feet 🙂

So why wouldn’t we join in the fun?

2016-06-07 22.29.15


Life just don’t get better than this.. wouldn’t you say?



Nyhavn was packed with people, but we did find a place to sit down, as you can see from the picture above 🙂 I love hanging out in outdoor restaurants, on a hot summer day/evening. It’s a perfect place to people watch, and relax… preferable with some good food and a drink or two 😉 We spent the rest of the day just lounging  in Nyhavn, until it was time to mosey back home. Where we hung out on the balcony of our Airbnb apartment (more to come on that) until the sun went down, planning our next day’s adventure…

What we did?

I’ll tell you all about it in my next post, which might be worth a read.. as I’ll take you on a tour of Copenhagen…


11 thoughts on “Copenhagen – weekend trip!

  1. Anne!! WElcome back! lol I’ve missed you!! How wonderful that you’ve been enjoying your summer!!
    All that walking didn’t hurt you?? Well, I’m sure your feet ached! did you pack lighter, for this trip?
    Of course- shopping!!
    Thanks for the pix!

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    1. Thank you. I’m sorry I’ve been out of touch so long.. but sometimes times go by so quickly and before you know it.. it’s been ages 😉 I had a lovely time in Copenhagen, and I think I’m ok from all the walking (even though the bottom of my feet was protesting just a little the next day 😉 ) I packed reasonably light for the trip.. I might do a post on the packing subject a bit later in July (probably as I prepare for my next trip). But yes.. it was a reasonable light packing.. on both this trip and my England trip.. carry-on backpacks only 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 It is good to get my hands on the keyboard again.. my problem is that there are so much I want to tell you guys about.. that I kinda get lost in it all sometimes (research, maps, pictures, plans… ) but hopefully I can control myself and not go overboard, so that there might actually be a post or two soon 😉

      We did have a great time, and we covered a lot of ground seeing the city.. I can’t wait to go back again.. as I have found some nice places to hang out 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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