A quick hello!

Seems like I’ve been a bit “off grid” (again), and I apologize.

It’s not like I have actually really been off grid (wouldn’t that be kinda cool to try), I’ve just been hanging around the house, in a offline all hunkered down kinda way!

Let me explain! You see… I had a fantastic trip to Italy for a few days around the month-end July/August… a trip I will tell you all about later.

Now, someone…  thought we obviously had had such a great trip, that they (whoever they are) figured it be a great idea for us to enjoy our trip even more after we came home… and promptly decided that giving some of us (we were 38 people on a trip) food poison on our last evening, was a swell thing to do!

Yes you heard me right!

A few of us came home with a gift!

Some from the travel party got hit already on the way home, and I feel soooo sorry for them. Being sick is bad enough, having to deal with it an a all day travel day, sucks big time.

Me? I got home, before it hit… but then… it hit hard.

Because of the meds I take on a regular basis for my chronic migraines and tension headaches, I’m already having some stomach trouble, throw in a sever case of food poisoning, and there you have it.. a receipt for disaster.

So this is what I’ve been up to.. staying at home tending to a spike in migraines (from the trip) combined with food poisoning, and you can see why I’ve been laying low.

The ONE redeeming factor?

I’ve lost 6 pounds!!!

And, I can’t say I’m hating having lost them, now if they will just stay off, I’ll be a really, really happy camper 😉


PS. Note to self. Never, ever… eat under-cooked meat again… while traveling!


13 thoughts on “A quick hello!

    1. LOL. That’s what I was thinking… silver lining 😉 I worked at loosing a few pounds pounds before my trip (my travel pants didn’t fit quite right), add this very unplanned weight loss and I’m down about 15 pounds since June 19th 🙂 So right now I feel great, hoping that I will keep it all off 😉

      No pork! It was an extremely thick t-bone steak, that they had roasted/cooked, then they had cut the meat into thinner slices. The meat was rare in center just like I like it.. but obviously the meat must not have been all that good to start out sine several of us got sick. I have never had problem with a rare steak before…

      Oh well…

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