21.15 – Space fillers!

day-15We’re at day 15 of my 21 day declutter challenge.

Going through a bunch of drawers today, I came across a lot of those little things, the ones that seemed like a good idea to hold on to, for one reason or another… but who has turned out to just be space fillers instead.

So why not let my drawers breathe a little!

As it’s my birthday today, I decided to make my decluttering a bit more challenging, Why not try to match number of items with my years?

How old am I? You’reΒ asking…

Well stay tuned and find out…

And here we are… xx pieces going out-the-door! Β 


6 pens/highlighters
2 travel toothbrushes
2 hand sanitizing sprays
2 eye masks
3 luggage tags
1 travel “foot sofa”
1 box with contact lens holder and parts (cool thing with eyes)
1 travel body wash
1 travel hand cream
1 shampoo bottle
1 toiletry bag
1 ironing cloth
14 orchid support sticks (count as 1)
1 sun glass protector case
1 happy birthday mini music box



2 pairs of socks
old wet wipes (count as 1)
1 heel insert for shoes
2 air buds
1 homemade wallet
bunch of string (count as 1)
1 old hard drive
1 piece of pool lining
1 belt phone holder/protector
2 small dolls
1 metal box
1 Norwegian flag



random small pieces of cloth (count a 1)
1 expired roll of airborn
4 buffs
2 bags/makeup bags
1 book
1 tiny snuggly bear
1 postcard with a description of my name
1 metal water bottle


YEPP – that would be 52 πŸ™‚


I’m being joined in this challenge by:
– Barb, at Decluttering The Stuff, joined for 14 days.Β Her total count? 146 (so far) πŸ™‚
– Melinda, at PurpleSlobinRecovery, check out her declutterathon, day two,Β threeΒ and four
– Grace, atΒ The CFO MOM Blog, getting her groove on, decluttering a few more bags.
– Jen, at The Hidden Hoarder, is on day 14, and are now at the grant total of 516!!! (I’m only at 216, so we do have that 16 number in common πŸ˜‰ )

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