Medication – a shed!

21 DAY declutter challenge logo 70Seems like I still can’t get out of the habit of posting every day…I’m sure I’ll get there eventually, but obviously not today. For right now it feels like I’m still working on my declutter challenge.. even though I am on day 23 😉

Today I want to talk about expired medication!

I have this drawer full of medication, and it’s been a year since I looked through this drawer hunting for any medication that might have expired. September 2015 I wrote about the importance of doing a regular medicine “cabinet” shed.

In that post I talk about why paying attention to medications expiration date, is important.
I touch on the topic of potency, storing and how to dispose of old medication…

Here is an excerpt from my post:

I tend to do a yearly shed… just to make sure that I have control over what’s in my medicine “cabinet/drawer”. Expiration dates, what I need refills on and what, if any, I need to take down to the chemist for them to dispose of, safely!

As I have tried all sorts of medication to try to cure my shoulder/neck/headache problem, you might say my drawer looks like it belongs in a chemists office, rather than in a regular household. Some of it belongs in the “been there, tried that, didn’t work” category, and it is time to let that stuff go.

And here we are… out-the-door.. they go!

Most of them expired, but also some no longer used (as they didn’t work), ergo no reason to keep them.


20 items
just can’t help but still do the counting 🙂


SO! What about you? Have YOU looked through your medicine cabinet lately?


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11 thoughts on “Medication – a shed!

  1. What a brilliant idea! It does bother me that some people might be flushing old pills down the toilet – we have enough medication getting there through the body anyway! Not sure that it all gets filtered out of drinking water.

    Sorry to hear about your neck/shoulder/headaches – that is horrible to live with. I don’t have it all the time but every now and then I will have a bout of that which lasts for 3 or 4 days and it is miserable! I just watched a TV programme about the spice Turmeric and how it can help with serious health issues.

    When I googled it, I found it can help as an anti-inflammatory pain-killer. I boiled some in soya milk and added coconut oil. It worked like magic in getting rid of pain I’d had for two days. May have been coincidence but I will be trying it again next time I get the pain.

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    1. I’ve tried Turmeric, but never tried boiling it with soya milk and coconut oil.. I will def be giving that a try.. thank you for this great idea 🙂 I do mix coconut oil in my morning smoothie (last couple of weeks) and are hoping what will help a little as well. But absolutely will give the turmeric one a try tomorrow 😉

      Yeah, I don’t like the idea of meds down the drain either. In Norway we are pretty much told NOT to do it, and give them back to the chemist instead. They have to take it back as part of our drug return program. I do remove any personal information from the bottles/boxes before I return them, just in case 😉

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    1. If you check my original post (link in picture and in txt) I link to a FDA page that again links to pages on where to find return programs in US, it mentions dropbox and mail in programs to, it also gives a great description on what to do if there are no programs in your area. Take a look, you might find there is a solution for u too 🙂

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    1. That’s GREAT, that it’s just “down the road” from you 😀 mine is about the same distance, and I use their return program all the time…

      I never throw meds away in the trash or flush them (well except the meds that come out of ME, that I can’t help 😏)

      You go girl, get your old meds outa there 👍

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