12 years old – again!

The snow is still sticking around, but there has been a bit of rain, frost, rain, frost .. so it’s slowly going away. The forecast is warmer weather so I guess in a day or two it’s gonna be completely gone 😦

A couple of days ago, B and I went for a walk. We figured we should enjoy the snow, while it was still there.Β  We roamed my neighborhood (by foot), and decided to swing by hole no 14, on the closest golf course (just to stretch the walk a little).

It was the smartest thing we did all day!

As we got close, we were hearing a lot of screams – joyful scream – and the closer we got, we saw a bunch of kids (or rather young adults) on all sorts of sleds, playing in the snow.

B and I was hanging around at the top of the hill, watching one kid after another throwing themselves down the hill (and it was a good long hill), when I spotted one of those cheap miniature plastic sleds, that barely will fit your bum (you can see it, circled in the picture).

It was lying there all in it’s loneliness… I looked around, almost all the kids were either at the bottom of the hill or on their way down the hill. The only two kids left, just ready to go, had their own sleds, and had no idea who’s sled it was.. (yes I checked).

I looked at B, I looked at the kids, I looked at that inviting looong hill… I looked at B… then I grabbed the sled, threw my butt (well gingerly placed my butt) on the sled and off I went.

Fast as a rocked down the hill, swirling around on my way down, hitting a few bumps, tearing past a bunch of kids.. finally coming to a full stop, way, way down there, with the shittiest grin on my face πŸ™‚

I gingerly picked myself up, grabbed the sled and started the super long (did I mention it was a long hill?) walk back up.

It took forever, and it was hard on an untrained body (and I didn’t have the best of shoes).. but it wouldn’t have mattered how long or hard it was to walk back up, that was the most fun run I have had in a while (how often do you get to act like a kid). You couldn’t have erased that grin for anything in the world.. I’m still sitting here with the silliest grin on my face thinking about it.

I finally got back up to were B was patiently waiting and put the sled back where I had found it. Turns out (I ran into their teacher) that it was a couple of school classes that was out during their gym hour. It was one 6th and one 7th grade class.

While I was talking to their teacher, telling her she should really give it a try, it was so much fun, I was feeling like 12 πŸ™‚ One of the kids piped up; I’m twelve! And a second kid echoed it with : Me too…

I couldn’t help but smile.. here I was, 53 years old, hanging out with a bunch of 12 years old, playing in the snow!Β  What a hoot!

Life don’t get better than that!

Have you been 12 today?

11 thoughts on “12 years old – again!

  1. That sounds like so much fun! I am jealous of your snow! We might get snow here this week, but so far it is just raining at my house. Not too far away, there is snow… So maybe, just maybe we will have a bit of the white stuff before Christmas. πŸ™‚

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