While we’re waiting on spring!

We are getting awfully close to Easter, and spring seems to be nowhere in sight 😦

Even though everything green is waiting on warmer weather, we have had a few beautiful days. Days where you wake up to that thin layer of frost in the morning, but then the sun comes out, and the day turns into a perfect outdoor, lounging in the sun kinda day πŸ™‚

So guess what… Β perfect time to start the garden season. And what better way to do that, than to do a bit of spring cleaning! So out came the pressure cleaner, wellies and work clothes πŸ™‚

I have raised flowerbeds with supposed to be white(ish) edges, that was in desperate need for a clean! Not only did the edge need a clean, it also needs a lick of paint… but I have to wait on warmer weather for that particular task.

To spruce up the place a little, I splurged on a tiny, tiny bit of yellow πŸ™‚ and I got my begonia tubers (bulbs) into some soil, for them to sprout inside first. Oh yes, and before I forget.. guess what I found? This years first ladybug!

Maybe, itΒ is almost spring after all…

2016-03-21 20.09.17 2016-03-21 11.31.07


Spring cleaning

We have had a couple of really nice days, and it feels like spring πŸ™‚ It’s still cold outside, but the crocus are out, and it’s time to start the garden spring cleaning.

I have some raised flower beds, and the edges are painted white. Well actually, after the winter they are no longer quite as white, they are kinda green πŸ˜‰

So out came the pressure washer, and now it looks much, much better! If the weather warms up a little, I might even be able to freshen the edge up with a lick of paint.

Looks better, wouldn’t you say?

2014-03-27 17.20.19

It can happen!

I’m the proud owner of a spotless kitchen πŸ™‚

Now if it would just stay that way. Unfortunately it normally last about 10 minutes, and then it looks like a bomb went off πŸ˜‰

Having a smallish place, I’ve found that it doesn’t take much before the house suddenly starts to look messy. You know what I’m talking about! A glass here, a pot there, a few magazines thrown around, a bowl, a cup, a piece of clothing, some shoes and WHAM,Β what the heck happened to my spotless place?

The key to keeping it “kinda” under control, is to have space to put things away, preferable behind “closed doors” πŸ˜‰

And no, I’m not talking about the, throw everything into a room, close the door, and hope (seriouslyΒ hope), nobody ever opens it, because they will surely loose their life, by all the things falling on top of them, kinda “closed door” πŸ˜‰

I’m talking about the being able to open a drawer, cabinet, closet and nicely put things away, kinda “closed door”!

I wish I had a few more of those spaces available, and that is why I’m decluttering. To give myself some free space to tuck things away, for the everyday clean look, that I love.

And to show you, that I – for at least a minute – succeeded with the clean look. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of my kitchen (which, by the way, I am really proud of – you see – my dad and I installed the kitchen ourselves, when the house was built πŸ™‚ ).

2014-03-01 11.43.32Β 2014-03-01 11.44.00

Taking the plunge

The day started nicely enough this morning, and there was no indication of what a messy day this would turn into.

I left work a little early, and when I got home I decided to open all the blinds to let the sun in. Big mistake, big, big mistake… The sun streamed in through the windows and displayed this thin layer of dust all over (you know how it is, when the sun hits everything just right..! )

Bummer! Then I think, well, why don’t I just give this place a quick once-over and then I can relax all weekend in the glory of a clean house πŸ™‚

So I started in the kitchen. Clearing some stuff and throwing it in the trash… wait a minute, hmm my trash cabinet seems to need a little clean out as well, so I empty out everything. Among the things I take out to “dust”, I find a good old plunger.

Can you even remember last time you used one of those? Well, mine is old. And while I dusted it, I noticed it looked a little “stiff” in the rubber, so I put it to the floor to give it a trial plunge. And nothing, nothing at all, other that a small crunchy noise. Better take a look…yep.. it’s dead. Poor thing haven’t been used for so long it petrified πŸ˜‰

Hmmm – an item to toss, cool πŸ™‚ great, I can make a quick little post about it…

Well, not quite, turns out the story didn’t stop there.

Having my nose deep into the cabinet under the sink, it made sense to move my eyes over to the dishwasher right next to it…

Didn’t I read the other day that you should, on a regular basis, clean out the filters and stuff. Great, I think I have one of those dishwasher machine cleaner thingy too. But first the filters.

All cleaned out I put the dishwasher on with that special dishwasher machine cleaner, and smile, all happy with myself.

And then I suddenly remember, don’t I have one of those for the washing machine as well? You can see where this is heading, right? So I walk upstairs., and yep, I’ve got one of those…

Reading the instructions it says to wash the washing powder tray. Right, done. Then to wash the rubber ring in the door.. ok, check.. And then it dawns on me, shouldn’t I have a look at the filter. Out the instruction book comes, get a bucked, empty leftover water, pull the filter. Hmmm, this is starting to look like yucky work to me.. But I go ahead, I know this is good for the machine.

Pulling the instruction book for the washing machine I accidentally opened the dryer instructions first.. Oh “crap” this has a filter as well…. Well, ok then, I finish the washing machine, turn on the washing machine with that special cleaner stuff in, and I turn my attention to the dryer.

Oh, my gosh that filter is disgustingly wet, soggy and yucky. The only fun thing is, that it’s easy to clean. Put it in the shower and pour loads of water through it.. and all the messy stuff just rolls of, and down the drain…

Oh no, the drain

Did I ever get to the once-over?

Nope! After the first drain, I decided to tackle the second one, unfortunately that meant moving the washer and dryer to get to it, yikes.. and that job turned into a real workout. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

At least all my machines and drains are decluttered though… Oh yes..and the old plunger πŸ˜‰