Houston, One bag only – how did I do?

You might remember that due to a loss of luggage on my US trip in 2014, I decided to go carry-on only this time around (at least on my way to the US 😉 ).

I got all my shit, sorry stuff, all tucked into one carry-on + a handbag, and onwards to Houston I went.

How did I do with the stuff I packed? To much? To little? Just enough?

I have this dream to one day travel with so little that it will all go into a small bag/backpack. I dream of being able to just saunter over to catch that bus/train/flight, having people wonder where my luggage is, because it couldn’t possible be just that small backpack I’m carrying…

With this unrealistic goal in mind, I was sure I had packed way too much. Well! Guess, what.. I’m obviously so far away from that goal, that it’s not even funny, as I used almost everything I had packed!

So why don’t we just get to it, the good, the bad and the… 😉


Never used – the grey stuff ! 
Turns out the weather was a bit colder than I had anticipated, and I never really got to use the summer clothing that I thought I would live in 😦 That left my thin long sleeved shirt and tank tops firmly tucked away.

For some reason or another, I ever opened my book or used my packable shopping bag.

Will I keep them on my list for future trips? Well, yeah, duh… I live in tank-tops and thin shirts when the temperature is right. Book(s)… off course, I can’t travel without a book or two.. that is just not done 😉 And that tiny packable shopping bag, will come in handy someday, I’m sure! (I use it all the time when I’m at home! )

The used stuff – The rest of the list I used, but there are room for adjustments! this is when I need to explain the yellow stuff!

1 nice top – used once – not because I needed to, but because I wanted to, since I had packed it after all. Could have done without, as I had a nice t-shirt I could have used instead.

Shorts – used once – really too cold, could have just as easily stayed in jeans that day – but will off course, always be part of my summer list of things to bring.

Swimwear – I brought a pair of swim shorts in addition to my bikini, I did use it for three minutes the one day I was hanging around a friends pool, but I could have very well done without it. Will I bring it in the future? I think it depends where I’m going, for how long and how much I’ll be in the water.

Fleece – used only once or twice – turns out I used my “nice fleece” most of the time, and my “nice fleece” would probably have been enough – even though it was great not having to worry about my clothing when I was climbing a tree at Brazos bend 😉

Rain jacket – never used – but I could have needed it, on my trip to the beach, if I would only have remembered to toss it in the car – it was freaking freezing 😦

Thin outer jacket – only used on my travel days, to and from Houston – could probably have managed without, as I could have used my super thin rain jacket instead.

Shoes – I brought 2 pairs, one pair of Eccos that I’m testing to see if I can use, as my one pair only, for travel + I brought a pair of light runnings shoes, as I thought I would be doing a lot of walking due to me not having a car. Turns out, my Eccos would have been enough, which was great to find out, as this has been my ultimate goal. One pair of shoes + sandals/flip flops will be my staple going forward.

Sunglasses – I alway bring two pairs, one for light sun, one for heavy sun – I think I really should consider getting a pair that adjust according to light, as it’s a pain carrying two, especially since I only used one of the pairs 😉

A note regarding Ipad/Laptop – I know a few of you wondered about me bringing both laptop and Ipad on my trip, and I want to clarify! Most of the time I bring only my Ipad and Iphone, but this time around I had intentions on spending time on my blog and some other computer stuff.

Yes, but still..  (you might say) – you can do a lot of blog stuff on the Ipad! And to that I say, yes, I agree.. but as my ipad is a mini and it’s nice to have a proper screen for serious work, you can see why I choose to bring my super thin and light laptop that weighs only 2,5lbs. 🙂

You’re wondering if I needed to do a lot of laundry to get by? Not really, I had my t-shirts washed once and had a couple of washes on undies and socks. The rest of the stuff lasted until I got home.

Coming home
So how did I do on my return trip? Did I manage to squeeze it all into my carry-on only? Well… no, I did not. Mostly because I had bought a few things on this trip. Some stuff for me (things I had ordered online, that was waiting for me at my friends place) and stuff for my friends. So returning from Houston I checked my small carry-on suitcase and a extra bag + carried a small backpack as my carry-on.

The stuff I bought?

Some jeans and t-shirts, margarita mix for me and my friends, beef jerky, Moleskine journals and some craft items (for a future project), some “flip flops/sandals” and bags for use on future travels (I will tell you all about these items shortly).. hm what else.. nope I think that was it 🙂

Future trips
I realise I still have ways to go, to get down to my backpack only luggage. I’m sure I will reduce my list as I move along, and I’ll most likely start moving into carrying less while washing more, somewhere along the line.

I know I will get there in the end, and can’t wait to test this out even more, on my next trips. A long weekend to Copenhagen in June and one to Italy in July.

And guess what, you’ll continue to be in my loop, as I whittle down my packing list 🙂

Any suggestions on what not to bring (beside PC) on my next trip?

One bag only!

On my last trip to US in 2014, my luggage was lost for all of 4 days. This time around I decided that there was no way I was letting that happen to me again! And I could think of only one way to achieve this for sure… yepp, you guessed it.. carry-on only.

So before I left for my trip, I pulled out my little green carry-on (4 wheel version), and did my best to fit it all in. And guess what? Packing for two weeks, including extra stuff for a friend.. I did it! It all fit in my green friend + a handbag (for the stuff I needed on the plane, like pc, ipad, toothbrush, book ++).  Talk about getting down to “basics” 🙂

So what did I bring? Well, too much if you ask me.. but for some reason it was as good as I managed at that time!

Here we have it… my list of items:

Packing list Houston 2016

More than enough stuff, wouldn’t you say?

I writing this 6 days into my trip, and I’m curious to see, how much of this I’ll actually use throughout my trip. I’ll keep track and write a follow up, when I get home. I’m hoping I can tweak the list going forward..

You see, I have this dream/wish/hope that I one day will manage to withle my list of things I pack for a trip, down to something that will fit in a small backpack (yes, something way smaller than my regular carry-on) 🙂

Will I succeed? Well… I guess, only time will show…

Minimalist packers out there? Any ideas about reducing the list? Yes, yes please… I need all the help I can get 😉