I’ve been partying!!!

I’ve been out of touch the last couple of weeks, so what on earth have I been up to?

Well, let me tell you. It’s been really, really busy, and fun 🙂

September this year, I’m turning 50 years young 😉

I figured a 50 year birthday is worth celebrating properly!

On my actual birthday I’ll be in Houston, celebrating with a bunch of friends and loads and loads of margaritas 😉

But I decided I needed to have a Norway celebration as well! So last weekend I threw a PARTY, with friends and family at this end of the world. Woohoo!!!

The plan was for an outdoor grill party, but the weather gods for some reason just wanted to throw rain at us, so it turned out to be an indoor grill party. Good thing it was a smallish group with only about 20 people, since my house ain’t that big 😉 I do however, feel sorry for the grill-chef that had to spend all her time outside gilling in the rain (I did fix a temporary roof over her, but still…).

Even if it was a small group it was a wonderful mix of family and friends. Mum and brother from UK, stepbrother and girlfriend from Bergen, friends I haven’t seen in like forever, mixed with friends I see all the time. It was a great opportunity for all of us to catch up.

It was a party filled with fun and loads and loads of laughed, I don’t think I have laughed that much in a long time (yes, tears rolling). I love throwing parties like that 🙂

Definitely worth a repeat. Now if I could just find an excuse to throw another one… 😉

London here I come…

It’s my mums birthday on Saturday, and since it’s a round number, it calls for an extra celebration 🙂

Since my brother and his wife live in London, and mum lives in the south of England, we have decided to meet up in London to celebrate mum this year.

And today I get on a plane… with luggage full of stuff 🙂

Luggage full of stuff? Just for a few days in London? Well, most of my luggage consist of things for my brother actually.

After my dad passed away last year, there have been a few things that have ended up in my house, as we have gone through dad’s stuff. And some of these items I’ve been holding for my brother.

Since I’m going to England for the celebration, I thought I might as well bring a couple of the items with me. And since these are literally things out-the-door 😉 I’ll be posting a little about the items as I hand them over.

Well, I better get out if here, I have a plane to catch. See you all in London 🙂

No need for protection!

I love champagne 🙂 No, seriously, I love champagne, especially pink Champagne (oh yes, and frozen margaritas.. but we can talk about that some other time).

Last year, my brother, his wife and I killed off a couple of Champagne bottles one night, and one of them had this nice little fancy sleeve on it.

So what do I do? I decide to keep this sleeve, thinking it might be useful for another Champagne bottle… You know, to keep it chilled or protected or something.. I don’t know….

It was obviously some misguided idea I had, that I would tuck some Champagne bottle nicely into this little sleeve, for some reason.


It’s not like it’s going to last long enough after it’s opened, to be needing a sleeve to keep it chilled 😉 and should I need something, there is such a thing as a bucket and ice.

And it definitely don’t need it for protection. Have you seen how many times they try to break a champagne bottle against a ship sometimes, when they are Christening it?

So what was I thinking?

Obviously I wasn’t 😦 and today I’m taking the consequences of this. The sleeve, however how fancy and cute, has got to go. I think my future champagne bottles will survive, in all their “nude” glory 😉




To everyone out there, HAPPY NEW YEAR, have a wonderful 2014.

Hope your year is full of wonderful events, hugs from friends and family, great food, lots of travels, relaxed moments, fun parties, champagne and loads of time with all your loved ones.