Oh no…

I’m standing here frozen, my grey Tupperware bowl is on it’s way to the floor….

Two seconds ago I opened my fridge to get some milk, and I accidentally bumped into a Tupperware bowl. And now I’m helplessly watching it falling towards the floor. I tried to grab it, but nope, and there is nothing I can do, other than watch it fall in “slow motion”. I know exactly what’s in it…and I’m crossing my fingers, hoping, the lid will hold.

The bowl, actually it’s quite elegant in its movements, hits the floor, bounce back into the air, and in even slower motions, the lid pops off, and red home-made raspberry sauce splashes out. Oh no…

There is sauce on the wall, floor and fridge. And it’s not a small area either, I told you the darn thing bounced right?

I’m removing as much as possible, as quick as possible, hoping it won’t stain the walls. And realize I have to move the whole fridge, since I see tell tails of red sauce along the side, and all the way to the back end of the fridge area.

So out comes the fridge with a bunch of dust-bunnies tagging along (obviously been a while).

I’m frantically wiping the walls hoping against all odds, that the sauce will come off, my matt painted, white walls. Well, I can tell you.. the matt paint, sucked the sauce right into it, and the result is, very light “pink” markings on the wall 😦 And there is no way I’m going to get away with this being an “artistic” thing….

Well, I did get to “declutter” some dust-bunnies!

But now I have to paint a wall!

Any volunteers out there?