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A lighter china cabinet!

I have this beautiful oriental cabinet, sitting in the middle of my Scandinavian style furniture.

Of all things in this wold to use it for, I keep a lot of catalogues and brochures, papers, manuals and bills in it. It’s also the place I put all papers I keep through the year, before they get archived away, come tax time 🙂 I might also put some of my magazine cut outs in here as well, oh yes, and the town-house community correspondence (I’m on the board.. actually thinking about it, I think, I am the board 😉 )

So you see, my little cabinet, is in a sense – my office storage.

Today I decided to go through some of the brochures, cut outs and manuals. The regular paper cleanup, is a March/April job, while preparing for tax time.

The catch of the day?
16 cut out sheets from magazines
2 user manuals for stuff I no longer own
7 magazines
27 catalogues and brochures


My oriental cabinet – what you think?