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21:13-15 Let’s get on with it, shall we?

We are back to my 21 day declutter challenge…. about time you will say.. and I do agree 😉 Every time I have found a bit of energy the last week or so, I have gone on very tiny declutter sprees around the house. As usual I have been piling the stuff in my guestroom, to be arranged and photoed at some future date.

Well today is as good a day as any, it’s time to get on with it!



DAY 13 – Outdoor storage room attached to house.. (not a garage because I don’t have one)

Since I don’t have a garage, everything goes into my tiny storage room. It’s the place I store my car tires, paint, bike, roller-blades, garden tools, plant tools, some outdoor furniture, all my electrical and hand tools and all the other nuts and bolts you need when you have a home and are essentially a “guy” when it comes to tools 😉

And like any other “garage”, my storage/shed gets full.. and I have to clear a little out, so I at least can get into the space without tripping over buckets (which I do a lot) 😉

Here’s the dirt on whats leaving this time!

2 tanks – for my old  gas grill that I don’t have anymore – I gave these to a friend – sorry no picture
1 kitchen cabinet door (cut into three pieces – recycle plant swap house wouldn’t take it, and it only fit the bins in pieces)
2 foam boxes
1 battery drill (more or less broken, thankfully I have more 😉 )
10 tins of paint and paint related items
1 empty fertilizer bucket
8 pieces of steel from my old kitchen counter edge

= 25  items


Day 14 – Bathroom

I have never been one to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, as I’m pretty much a no frills person regarding products I use. The last couple of years I mostly blend my own oils, use makeup only once or twice a year, and don’t use much in the name of soaps, shampoos and conditioners. I’ve been downsizing my bathroom stuff quite a bit, but still there are things that linger (for some reason or another)…

28 items of stuff – not pictured
4 bottles with various lotions
1  small perfume bottle
2 tins of lip and hair balm
1 box of pure moist contact lens solution
1 lip balm
1 nail clipper
1 tube cleanser
1 tube moisturizer
1 box of makeup
3 random items

= 44 items


Day 15 – Kitchen

So here we re again with the kitchen!  I don’t know what it is about kitchens, but items seem to accumulate, regardless of how often you declutter the space. I have no number for how many times I’ve gone through this place, and there are still more stuff that pops out of the woodwork! Strange that, lol

3 bottles
5 glass containers
1 knife
2 pray ops… spray bottles
Random stuff – count as 5

= 16 items


I think this concludes today’s post!

I’m trying to keep it short and sweet, and hopefully I’ll get the 21 days over and done with within the week 😉

But first before I go… gotta do the yearly tally!

Day 13, 14 and 15 = 85 items, which brings my grand total for 2017 to 792




21.9 – Throwing the rules out the window!

day-9We’re at day 9 of my 21 day declutter challenge.

I think we all agreed yesterday to throw the challenge rules out the window 🙂

And today I’m doing exactly that!

About 1,5 years ago I changed my bathroom routine! I switched from regular store bought products, to more natural/organic and homemade products.

I simplified my hair styling (not that I ever really did much of this anyways), and stopped using all sorts of junk in my hair. I moved from regular shampoos to pretty much no shampoo, and the few times I use shampoo, it’s Lush solid shampoo bars (which btw, are great for travel).

I switched from junky deodorants, to Lush solid deodorants, and the last year I’ve almost eliminated deodorants all together (only use it when I really, really have to).

I also started to mix my own facial and body oils instead of using regular store bought moisturizers. I really like using organic and natural oils, so there is no way I’m ever going back. Which means there are stuff in my bathroom, that needs to go.

So here we are… 22 items going out-the-door!


Some of you might notice that there are a couple of items in the picture that are somewhat more natural and sustainable products… so why haven’t I used them up first? Well… did I mention I really, really like my own oils… 🙂


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