These shoes are made for walking…

I have a stack of men’s shoes sitting in my house… and hey, I live alone, so what on earth am I doing with a bunch of men’s shoes????

After my dad passed away last year, some of his stuff ended up in my house. Both for me, and family members (I’m a bit of a holding facility 😉 ) Last time my brother was visiting from London, we took a stab at dad’s cloths.

There are still things I need to go through (I have a few boxes), but what I’m sure of, is that I should at least get rid of the stuff I know none of us want.

Today it’s the shoes, and for good measures, I’m throwing in a couple of my own 😉

What do I do with them? Well they are in good shape, so they will be on their way to; either Fretex which is part of the Salvation Army, or to Hjelp oss å hjelpe an non profit organization that helps locally in my area.

That’s six pairs of shoes and a couple of flip flops 🙂

What do you think?

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