Double 7 – Saturday!

We are at day 6Β of my 7 day thing,

Unge Spor (Young Tracks) – is a voluntary organization who works with kids, youth and young adults, to spread the joy of performing arts.

As part of their organization, they have a group of regular members (age 14-25) who are the backbone of the organization.Β  This group of “kids” gets to participate from A to Z on Unge Spor’s projects. This includes organizational work, music, dance, drama, scenography and more. The “kids” gain indispensable knowledge, and at the end of the projects they put on exceptional shows and performances.

You might say that “Unge Spor” (Young tracks), has established themselves as an important cultural force in my region.

Since they are a voluntary organization, they don’t get much support from the state/region. Which means, they rely on sponsorship’s, donations, and other gifts.

A few weeks back, they posted a request for an old used iPad, in one of the buy/sell Facebook groups I follow.

As both B and I had a couple of older iPads, that we no longer used, we decided we could help them out.

I called the groups leader, and, oh boy was he happy.

He popped by a little while later, and not only did he leave with 2 iPads, but he “ran” out of here with a couple of extra bags.

Turns out they could do with some extra props for their theater shows, and I just happened to have a couple of suitable items they could use as props + I had one more item!

A little backstory:

I used to be an avidΒ “Nescafe cafe au Chocolat” drinker. They sell them in boxes with 8 pouches of instant mix – just add water.

Well, since these are ridiculously expensive, I would always get a bunch (and I mean a bunch) when they had exceptional good deals (like 50% off or more). So last summer, such a deal just happened to be in my neighborhood store, and I shopped, and shopped πŸ˜‰

Fast forward a few weeks after my mad shopping spree, I changed my diet (health reasons) and stopping with gluten and milk protein products all together. And guess what! Yep, there’s a lot of milk in my beloved “au chocolat” 😦

The boxes of coffee have been sitting around ever since. I’ve been holding on to them in hope of finding someone who would drink the stuff (as opposed to me throwing it away),

And you know what, a group working with a bunch, as in a big bunch of kids… yeah!

“Absolutely,Β we can take these of you hands”

So off he went, with iPads, props and a bunch of coffee πŸ˜‰

37 boxes of Cafe au Chocolate
2 pillows
2 pillow cases
1 lamp
2 bamboo plates
1 decorative plate
1 iPad mini (yes only mine.. can’t count B’s iPad stuff)
1 iPad mini charger
1 iPad mini back cover
1 iPad mini front cover
1 regular sized iPad protective cover
50 items out-the-door!

7 day tallyΒ  = 418

And my grand total for 2017 = 1449

Until tomorrow!

Double 7 – Monday!

Yesterday I mentioned I would do one more run at getting some of my junk out of the house, before Christmas.

As I meander through my days, there are times I come across items I no longer need or want, as I’m sure we all do. I have gotten into a habit of putting these items into my guestroom, until I get around to actually get the stuff out of the house.

Well my guestroom is “piling” up (well not really.. I could hide it away if I wanted it to… but… ) and it’s time to see some of these items actually leaving the house.

Gotta get ready for Christmas, you know πŸ˜‰

So here we are – Day 1!

I changed my diet about a year ago (for health reasons), and there are things I no longer eat or use as part of my food preparations. So the other day I went through my food “pantry” (well, just a regular kitchen cabinet, really) and sorted out the stuff I no longer plan to use anytime soon.

I picked this time a year to do this particular declutter task, as one of the organisations I follow, “Hjelp oss Γ₯ hjelpe, Rogaland” (help us to help, Rogaland) are gathering food to help people out, especially over Christmas. B took a look at his place as well and found a couple of things.

In addition to our own stuff, we did a miniature shopping “spree”, and got some Christmas cookies, candy and other more Christmas’y dry goods from the store. We wanted to add a little extra to the mix. We will get them some more a little closer to Christmas, stuff like meat and other perishables.

In addition to food, they have also asked for things like small gifts and wrapping paper. So I did a quick rummaging through the house and found a couple of unopened rolls of Christmas wrapping paper.

We just delivered it all at one of the collecting point in my neighborhood.

I love it when there is a win, win, win situation like this.

I get stuff out of the house, we get to contribute, and someone out there might get a little of the help they need.

Todays tally!

15 food related items (the extras were B’s so they aren’t really mine to count πŸ˜‰ )

14 gift wrapping items; paper, gift bag, tags. Christmas cards and some string to tie it all together with.

I’ll get them some more, including some gifts to hand out, I just need a trip to Ikea first πŸ˜‰


29 items out the door!


SO – I know this isn’t the expected 49 items. But hang in there, I’ll be catching up tomorrow πŸ˜‰ It’s the total of 343 that counts, you know πŸ˜‰

See ya tomorrow!



These shoes are made for walking…

I have a stack of men’s shoes sitting in my house… and hey, I live alone, so what on earth am I doing with a bunch of men’s shoes????

After my dad passed away last year, some of his stuff ended up in my house. Both for me, and family members (I’m a bit of a holding facility πŸ˜‰ ) Last time my brother was visiting from London, we took a stab at dad’s cloths.

There are still things I need to go through (I have a few boxes), but what I’m sure of, is that I should at least get rid of the stuff I know none of us want.

Today it’s the shoes, and for good measures, I’m throwing in a couple of my own πŸ˜‰

What do I do with them? Well they are in good shape, so they will be on their way to; either Fretex which is part of the Salvation Army, or to Hjelp oss Γ₯ hjelpe an non profit organization that helps locally in my area.

That’s six pairs of shoes and a couple of flip flops πŸ™‚

Annie, get your gun!

About a hundreds years ago – yeah, I know – I’m not really that old, but still, a long time ago, I used to shoot.. with pistols and revolvers…. me and a bunch of friends. And as part of the fun we would spend time together making our own ammunition.

On one of my trips to US at that time, I thought it would be a great idea to buy my own shell casings. Especially since it was way cheaper than buying them in Norway, so I bought a bunch. For some obscure reason I never used them, and then I stopped shooting! You know how that story goes πŸ˜‰

These empty shell casings have been taking up space in my storage rooms for a while now, you know, “Just in case”,and before you know it, it’s 17 years later and they are still following me around… and what the heck am I to do with empty shell casings?

Yes, you guessed it, it’s my declutter item for today… out the door… 250 shell casings went….. right into the hands of an old shooting buddy of mine.

And the agreement is, should I ever want to go for a round of shooting, he will load me up some ammo and bring a gun πŸ˜‰


I can see clearly now

I opened a drawer this morning, can’t quite remember what I was looking for, but there, all by their lonesome a couple of old glasses looked up at me….

Poor things, after I got my new fancy and adjusted glasses they had gone into oblivion, no longer needed and forgotten in the dark.

Well today they are back out, dusted and cleaned and ready to be donated to Vision for all an humanitarian organisation started by a group of opticians to help people in poor countries get glasses.

The link is to a Norwegian site, but I’m sure wherever you are there are similar organizations you can donate your old glasses to…. if you have any πŸ˜‰