It takes 21….

It seems like I I’ve gotten into the habit of writing a little “something something” every day, and today is no exception 🙂

Even though I told you a few days ago that I might do bigger declutter bulks, it doesn’t mean I still won’t be chipping away at it. Getting rid of a little something every day is a good routine to get into.

There is an old saying “it takes 21 days to make or break a habit”. Now I’m not a 100% sure on the 21 day rule working for everything. I think it’s very dependent on what habits you are trying to change. Most likely your better off with 30+ days for actually making a habit stick.

But in this instance the 21 day rule might actually apply, this being my 21st day of decluttering (yes I know it’s January 26th, but I have had a few non declutter posts), and because of that, I will declutter 21 items today 🙂

You remember I told you about my fathers stuff? Last time it was shoes, and today it’s some of his clothes. My brother decided on only keeping a few items, and as much as I like some of my dad’s clothes. They neither fit, nor do they look particularly womanly on me 😉

The clothes from dad, that I’m ready to part with today, doesn’t quite make up 21 items, so I’ll throw in a few of my own.

2 outdoor jackets
4 sweaters
3 par of knitted wool socks
I tie
3 scarfs
1 pair of gloves
1 buff
2 t-shirts
3 shirts
and 1 belt

So what do you think of that! Day 21 – 21 Items. I’m kinda impressed 😉


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