Taking a hike…

I’m doing pretty good on my weekend task of getting rid of one laptop, but since there is such a thing as spending too much time in front of the computer, I decided a few minutes of fresh air might be a good idea.

Needing to grab a jacked to go outside, I looked at the mess in the outerwear closet.. and decided it was time to clean it up a little.

I pulled all my hanging stuff out and sorted it into my four piles: keep, not sure, for guests and out-the-door.

How do I decide what to keep or get rid of? And what do I mean with a guest pile?

Just to explain how I think, I’ll go into the details of my outerwear below:

I have a few extra jackets that I don’t really use, that I have kept. I have found that an extra jacket or two comes in handy when I get guest from other places and they show up unprepared for the weather or the activities we are doing. I’ve decided I’ll only keep a couple, as it seem like most of my friends favour the same jackets 😉 And these will go into a storage box for when they are needed.

Having sorted the guests jackets, I decided to tackle my “own” stuff:

My ski pants (the only ones I have) are going into the storage box until I’m going skiing.

I have a couple warm ski jackets. One is really bulky, and last year I got one that is just as warm, but less bulky. I don’t’ see myself using the bulky, one regardless of how cold it gets this winter, so I’ll be loosing it today.

In December I got two new jackets, a thin down one, for chilly dry days, and a thin rain jacket. These two I can either use as single jackets or double up (great combo). I’ll be keeping them. But I believe my new thin down one, might replace a mid layer jacket I have used for years. The mid layer one I will put in the storage box where I keep my guest stuff and ski pants. And if it don’t get used during 2014, by either me or my guests, it will have to go next winter.

Oh yes, and I have two leather jackets. One I haven’t used in the last 6 years.. so the odds of me actually using it any time soon, is like…. not going to happen. The other one is fairly new, but I haven’t really used it since I got it about a year ago. So what does a girl do? Well, the one I haven’t used, in like forever, is out-the-door for sure. The other one I’m keeping, with the intention to use it this year. If it don’t get used before next winter sets in, you might find a post about it later 😉

Then there is the bicycle jackets that I got in US, a few years back. Have I used them since I got back to Norway? Nope… Off course this could be due to me not really biking any more. But should I start again, I can use either ones of the jackets I’ve keep for guests.

So what about the rest, well, they have been used recently, so they are keepers. Should I find that I don’t use them during the seasons their are meant for in 2014, then I suspect you’ll hear about them sometime at the end of 2014 😉

So what’s the tally?

8 keep – this includes everything from warm winter jackets to thin summer jackets
2 “allowance” – the leather and mid layer one, that most likely will go out the door later this year
2 guest jackets – if they don’t get used this year, I will evaluate if there is any value in keeping them at all, any more
and 5 toss 

2014-02-08 18.04.13

What do you think?

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