I have a serious bookmark issue –

Having had pc’s both at home and at work, like forever, I have collected a few bookmarks to websites over the years. Throw a few smartphones and iPads to this mix, and you can see my problem 😉

How bad can it be, you might ask?

Between all my devices I have somewhere in the vicinity of 2500 bookmarks!!!

I found that the work pc alone have close to 1000 – whoa!!!

My new personal computer have around 300, and I have backup from old ones, with close to another 1000 – 949 to be exact.

Android phones/iPhone/iPad? Don’t have a clue – I can’t even think, to have to, manually count them – but it’s looking like at least 200+

Adding this to the email challenge I’ve started, it looks like I’m getting into a bit of digital clean ups these days.

So what did I do? Well – I’m proud to say, I got around 1900 of them deleted 🙂

8 thoughts on “Bookmarks

    1. Yes I do that for my iPhone/iPad 😉 but all my PC’s are windows and my former phones has been android phones. I’m 1900 less on my windows bookmarks (still have a few more to clean up) the android phones, I won’t bother with, my iPhone/iPad is next on the list after I’m properly done with my pc’s… I’m chipping away at it 😉


      1. I was also going to suggest syncing them via iCloud. Not sure if you can get a wireless storage for your windows pc’s & androids and somehow sync your files / bookmarks etc.?
        Deleting 1 900 of them sounds tough – did you go through them all or just pressed delete? 🙂


        1. I went through most of them, some off course I could see from the name they could just be deleted right away, the rest I pretty much clicked to see where they would go, a few went to error (delete), most went to no longer interesting stuff (delete), and some I have kept.

          Would you believe I had a bookmark from 1987 (and it’s still active!) 😉

          it was kinda fun actually, bringing me back in time, to things I used to be interested in or worked with 😉

          Still have a few left, I’ll work on it this weekend and then I should be done (for a while 😉 )


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