No more waxing…

Actually I never got started 😉

When I moved into my house I bought a bottle of floor treatment, for future maintenance.

Last week when I went through my china cabinet to get rid of manuals, catalogues and so on. I also came across the manual for how to treat my wooden floor. Looking through it, I decided to have a look at the bottle I got, since I’m thinking about maybe giving my floor a “spruce” sometime this year.

Turns out the guy at the store have given me the wrong thing. In my kitchen cabinet a maintenance WAX, an not a OIL refresher is gleaming back at me 😦 So what can I do? Well the bottle of wax is 6 years old, so it’s not like I can go back and complain! 

So guess what? Out the house it goes 😉

At least now I know what to get, when I finally get around to needing a floor refresh 😉

Wax bottle

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