It’s been a month since I posted my email declutter challenge article, where I stated I would try to de-stuff my email at work by at least 7000 emails in 30 days.

Actually, it’s probably been closer to 10 000 emails de-stuffed, you see I did a little “boo-boo” in the middle of my clean-up. I wasn’t sure if I had consolidated all emails into my outlook mailbox, so I moved the folder I wasn’t sure about.

Turned out I had already copied it before, so suddenly I had two examples of a bunch of emails! I sure really appreciated getting another 2100 extra emails to clean up… (yes, that me being ironic!)

But anyhow – I did it, I did it 🙂

There were moments it didn’t look like I would make it, I was forever staying put at about minus 1500 emails, but I just carved away some dedicated time, and this morning, I managed to sort out the last ones, that got me past the 7000 mark.

I went from 19592 email down to the current 12061 emails I’m at right now. Thats 7535 less than when I started. Yu hu!!!

Email declutter challenge picture  - result 1

As you can see – I’m still not done, and I don’t think it’s going to get any easier, but since I’m on such a good roll right now, I think I will continue with fase 2 of my email declutter challenge.

What is Face 2 you’re asking? Well, let me tell you, it’s another 5000 emails be-gone!

And when am I gona be finished? Another 30 days from today…!

I can’t believe I just promised 5000 emails in 30 days – oh well, now it’s down on paper – so I guess I’m commited 😉

4 thoughts on “7535

    1. I know!!!! it’s scary 😉 it’s “collected” over years and years. And days at the office, are always just “to busy”, to do the right thing, which is to archive! And suddenly achieve solutions have been deleted or changed, and it’s just been to easy to keep all the “necessary” emails in your mailbox. But, NO MORE! The goal is to eventually get down to only a “few” emails in my mailbox… so I’m chugging along deleting, archiving, deleting, archiving and deleting some more 😉


    1. It’s my work, I’m afraid 😦 I have worked a lot on a few “home PC” projects, which can have tax implication for my companies employees. So just in case, I have to keep all correspondence with the “home PC” participants. And over the years, it builds. Now the “home PC” projects are over. And it’s time to clean up and archive 🙂


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